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Shari - October 22

I was told by my genetics counselor that I have tested positive for my baby being at higher risk for down syndrome. I am 24 years old and not in the age braket. I was told this could be a false positive. I am going for an Amnio test this week. The doctors say for mys pecific case there is a 1 in 86 chance (or 2% or less) that the baby has it, but I am extremely worried. Does anyone have experience with this? If so please shar. Are false positive results common?


Jessie - October 22

My cousin tested positive for this and now has a very healthy little boy. That test has a very high false positive rate and even though there is a possibility, I would say that the probability is low. I have also heard of someone who didn't test positive and did have a downs child. Try not to worry and discuss with your doctor what further testing you might want to do. Most likely, you are absolutely fine! Good luck!


Kimberley - October 22

Hi hun, I have been doing a lot of reading about this, due to my age of 36 and pregnant, even though my test come back as not and increased chance I still have done a lot of reading. As the person above said there are a lot of false positive tests, even my doctor said this, and the amnio will tell you the truth. I would suggest doing some reading about the amnio test, are there are risks. Also so you know what to expect. Good Luck, I am sure everything will turn out fine.


Terrie - October 25

My sister in law was told the same thing. When I researched the topic for her, we learned that this test comes back false positive most of the time. Just being off on the conception date by a couple days can give a false positive result. RELAX...most likely everything is just fine and your baby is healthy. I've heard sooooo many stories of people being told that the baby may be downsyndrome and then it has turned out perfectly healthy. Best wishes.


Bohnwin - October 28

Shari, my daughter came back increased positive for down syndrome. I was 26 when I had the test done and 27 when I gave birth. She is now a COMPLETELY healthy 21 month old. Her language, comprehension and motor skills are exactly as they should be for someone of her age. My doc gave me the option for an amniocentisis, but I turned it down, because whether my daughter was born w/ downs or not, I was going to keep her, so it didn't matter to me. The screen for downs (often called a "Triple Marker Screen" or "Maternal Alpha Feto Protein") has a high incidence of false positives. It is not really a measurement, but a calculation which includes many variables such as the amount of AFP in your serum, your age, your weight, and your gestational age. If your doc is off by as much as 14 days on your gestational age, these calculations are going to be inaccurate (thus, the high incidence of false positives.) Now, there are going to be those that have come up positive for increased risk of down syndrome, or ONTD, or Trisomy 18 (the other 2 that the triple marker detects), and actually have babies that have these conditions. I currently see a boy in my clinic (I am a lab tech) that has downs syndrome, and his mom said that her Triple Marker Screen came back increased for downs, but these cases are pretty rare. Truth is that amniocentisis may cause you to m/c, and if you are committed to keeping your baby regardless, why should you risk it?


Athena - November 3

Hi Shari, I am a "healthy" 27 year old who is 22 weeks pregnant with her second child (my first child is 5 and completely normal). On October 26th I went in for an ultrasound that detected fluid around my little girls heart (they determined it was a girl) anyhow, after taking the "Triple Marker Screen" test some time ago, about a month to be exact, I was told that my baby had a chance of 1 in 2400 of having down syndrome (sounds good huh?...not so fast)...After the ultrasound on Wednesday, I was told by the genetics counselor that because of the fluid (which can be a sign of down syndrome) that my odds went from 1 in 2400 (test results) all the way to 1 in 250. I am completely scared and decided to go through with the Amnio, even though I want to keep my baby regardless of the results. The thing is that waiting another 4 months would've been unbearable for me. I'm waiting for the results and should hear something either tomorrow or Monday. This has been the longest week of my life. If anyone has heard of this or has even maybe gone through it, could you please share some words of encouragement? Shari, you'll be in my thoughts and prayers....I'm sure your baby will grow up beautiful and healthy....Good luck, and please keep us posted!


lb15 - November 4

hi: I was told that the AFP had a lot of false positives. I had an amnio done 4 weeks ago and if you go to a good hospital/doctor your risks are very low. The procedure itself does not hurt at all - it is very nerve rackign waiting for the results. The chances of everything being fine are very high. I would say do the amnio and just try to keep your mind stress free and things will be fine. Good LUCK!


Sara - November 4

I am 26 and 18 weeks pregnant with my second child. I received my results from my triple screen and was told it came back postive. My Ob said that I had a 1:100 chance that my child would have downs. I'm scared to death!! I had the amnio done on the same day and am now too waiting for the results. The nurse called this morning and said one part of test was back and the amniotic fluid tested normal. So now we are waiting on stage two of the test. My appointment is on Wed. Nov. 9th and I just pray that everything is ok. I wish you all the best. I did find a great support system on they have so many reasurring post were their triple screen has come back false postivie. Stay strong and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers!!



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