Dr S Are Making Me Lose Hope

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ellenahs - July 20

Hello... I am pregnant w/ my 3rd child. I went to the dr's for a routine appt and found out I am pregnant. They did a sono and I measured between 5-6 weeks... the dr's were able to see the aminotic sac but no yolk sac or fetal pole, and my beta levels were fairly high. A few days later the dr's are telling me that I should prepare myself for a miscarriage, b/c my hormone levels are high enough where they should be able to see more than just the amniotic sac. This week (as of Saturday) my Hormone levels have doubled and they are able to maybe see something that resembles a fetus but they are not quite sure and are still telling me once again to prepare for a miscarriage and/or schedule a D&C, (and I have been having some cramping but no bleeding. I am so scared and nervous... what could this possibley mean and could the dr's be right? They are giving me NO hope. AND to make it worse they are telling me I will be ok b/c I already have 2 kids so it won't be a big deal if I lose this one! Is it possible to see a fetus but no yolk sac? And should my hormones be doubling if I am going to have a miscarriage?


JuliaE66 - July 21

Dear Ellen, I know how hard it is to put your mind at ease when you are pregnant and worried that something might be wrong. I have had three children and 1 miscarriage so I know what you are going through. To answer your question, my hormone levels continued to rise when I was pregnant, but not when I was about to miscarry. I think that you need to give yourself a few days before you count this pregnancy out. Rest, and try to take your mind off of it as much as you can until you are a few more days along and the doctor can really tell what is going on. With my last baby, I bled as much as a normal period but was still pregnant and the baby turned out to be completely normal. Good luck and may God bless you.


TurnerBabyCraze - July 21

Ellen- I am going through almost the same starting last week. I went in for my 8 week appointment and no fetus was found. My HCG was through the roof and measured levels at 9-12 weeks. I went back today for another ultrasound and they said I may have a molar pregnancy, then got to the emergency room and they said I have a blighted Ovum. They immediately scheduled me a D&C and I called to reschedule for next week to see if anything happens (naturally miscarry) or if we see something on an U/S on Tuesday.. I am praying for a miracle so if I can once they written me off you can too! I will be praying for all the ladies with troubles right now. God bless you and your growing baby. We all just need a little faith. Doctors are sorta like Scientists, scientists don't really have the faith like christians, its the same with U/S and doctors, doctors dont look or hope for a miracle they go with the facts just like scientists. keep your chin up and I will be doing the same!


ellenahs - July 21

Thanks for the post ladies... I am praying hard on this and I am praying for others that are going through the same thing as I am. But like they say have faith the size of a mustard seed and things will be ok.


Oldie - July 24

Thanks for the comment - newbie. I had 2 embies implanted, and PT #1 my HGC was 320!, then the next day i started bleeding, went in 2 days after for HGC, and it was 650, so my Dr. told me to trust her. Heavy bleeding, and pa__sing clots now, I go back on Monday, I am going crzy. I spend way to much time reading posts, and try to focus on the postive. has anyone really bled thru their entire pregnancy?



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