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Kari - October 15

I just found out that I am pregnant on Monday, and I believe that I am about six weeks along. Because I just found out, I had alcoholic beverages over the last two weeks before I knew. Should I be concerned? My doctors appointment is next week.


E - October 15

Hi Kari - There is no reason to be concerned about alcohol use b4 you found out you are expecting and your doctor will tell you the same thing:) If you found out at 4 months as some women do and had been drinking all the while, I would not say the same thing. Good luck and congrats!!


Km - October 15

I found out at 7 wks and were drinking a lot before then..should I be worried ? :/


E - October 15

KM - You should also not worry. Your baby will be fine. Many women give birth to healthy babies and consumed alcohol, drugs, you name it b4 they knew they were pregnant. The doctor will rea__sure you that everything will be fine. Don't be embarrased to bring this up at your visit as they have heard this before and will not judge you. It will help you to feel at ease.


E - October 16

I know what you are saying Daile and I felt it was not worth causing further worry to pregnant moms who can't undo what they did. If the baby has damage in the first months of life, our bodies tend to miscarry the embryo. I know you are correct about everything you are saying but I am not sure what good it will do the moms who asked and causing stress could worsen the situation. I guess I was trying to lessen their worries as my OB/GYN told me babies are "quite resilient". Who knows for sure. Anyhow, thank you for correcting me:)


amber - November 19

I had found out i was two months pregnant, I drank a lot on my 21st bday and with a friend. My baby, thank god, is healthy and expected in 9 more weeks. You should be okay, inform your Dr though, just to be safe. Best of luck!


Katie - November 29

I agree with E. Research has shown that even with as one or two drinks a day your baby can be born healthy. However, to be safe, do inform your doctor and discuss your specific concerns with them. The best thing for your baby now is that you don't drink anymore during the pregnancy and that you take good care of yourself for the duration of your pregnancy. There is a ton of information on the internet as well, doing a search of pregnancy + alcohol will give you a number of good sites to look at. Gongrats on the baby, I hope things go well for you both!


lyn - December 2

daile you should calm down dont put seeds of worry in someones mind when there is no real cause for concern. i had a gp who did this 3 years ago when i found out i was pregnant after xmas and had been driking till iwere 5 weeks gone. iended up havin a termination cos of him, and regretted it ever since. thankfully i have had 3 healthy kids since then. dont worry kari your baby will be fine.xxx


kelly - December 7

I further the motion that we should not condone the use of alcohol during pregnancy, as there are women out there that may read the advice and consider it a green light on consumption. I do, however agree that as long as we make consious decisions on when we choose to endulge in a gla__s of wine or so, and do not excessively use alcohol, we will deliver healthy babies. My daughter was born when I was 21, so lets just say, that she was along for the party at first............she is 7 and perfect. Keep healthy from here on out, and relax, new mom!


foster - December 9

cmon people it was alcohol not poison!!! kari, of course your baby will be fine...regular drinking during pregnancy causes harm to the baby but drinking in the weeks before you find out your pregnant rarely cause any defects, even an occasional drink during your pregnancy will not cause any harm what-so-ever. as with anything else, its when you over do it is when it causes a potential problem.


Georgie - December 31

Thanks all for your comments. I, like Kari, have just found out that I am pregnant after a Christmas of office parties and boozey nights in. I have being worrying myself silly that I might have done some major damage but you guys have rea__sured me that my baby could well be fine if I behave myself from now on. Thanks and happy new year! :o)


LH - July 2

I am 4 weeks and did over do it on 3 occasions..a botle of champagne to myself for instance...all of the advice looks rea__suring as long as I stio now...but I am 37 does this make a differance..I already feel like a leper!!


johanna Smith - July 4

I was drinking with my first and did not realise i was pregnant until 8 weeks I drank white wine and bacardi. As soon as I realised I was pregnant and did not touch another drink until I had finished b___stfeeding. I had a very healthy 8lbs 7 boy he is 8 now and is in the top of his cla__s. So not feel guilty most of my friends have socially drank when they did not find out they were pregnant but as long as you don't continue to drink in pregnancy me and my friends babies have been fine.


Vicky - July 21

Thanks for all your answers guys. I'm around 2 weeks late and have just had a confirmed positive on my pregnancy test (after 4 over the last two weeks that came up negative... grrrr). Over the last two weeks, I've drunk one or two gla__ses of wine a night and had 2 nights of a bottle of wine to myself - I'm very ashamed to say - of course, now I won't be touching the stuff and can't help feeling terribly guilty but I'm praying that I haven't done any damage to what will hopefully be my lovely beautiful first child. I'm so excited. Now if only the darling hubby weren't 8 timezones away at the moment. :(


aimz - August 10

i have just been for my first scan today and i am 5 weeks 4 days along. i didnt realise until last week i was pregnant and i too had a few huge nights out. i normally was a heavy drinker but a couple of weeks ago my body just rejected the alcohol. I was really quite ill for how much i drank compared to b4. would this have to do with being pregnant and is there any test that can be done to find out if our baby has been affected by the alcohol? I definately am not drinking now, i would do anything for our baby.


M - August 10

I don't have a certain answer to give you, but I can say that you are not alone. A recent study suggests that, if you didn't miscarry altogether during the first month (despite what you did or did not ingest), the fetus will probably be okay as long as you don't continue to drink once you discover you're pregnant. The article specifically considers the effects of potentially dangerous medications, but has some broader implications: http://www.medsci.org/v02p0100.htm I know that most doctors will still say that no amount of alcohol at any point in pregnancy is safe, and I am certain complete abstention even before conception is ideal, but most pregnancies are not planned. I imagine the majority of us were born (just fine) from mothers who drank before they realized they were pregnant with us!


aimz - August 10

thanks for that. its a comfort to know that im not alone in this situation and to know that i have made it past the 4 week mark with no problems. im not going to worry about it anymore as there is nothing i can do about it now, everything is going well and on track so we will just focus on the future. thanks again



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