Drug Habit Beating Me

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Zoey - October 31

i am 21 weeks pregnant and i am using heroin, despite 2 treatment centre visits in the last 4 months. I just dont know whjat to do. I've had enough. How have others come through this ? I never considered termination until now. I feel so low.


Mindy - November 1

Zoey- You have to be strong for your baby. Don't terminate your baby because of your addiction. Try to find a close christian center outreach for addicts that can help you through your pregnancy. Then after the baby is born you can decide what to do with the baby as far as adoption. If your plans are to keep him or her then you are really going to have to get rid of your drug habit. Please Zoey, you have the strength inside you to kick this bad habit for your baby sake. I am getting down on my knees right now to pray for you. Ask God yourself to help you with this problem, he will not turn away from you if you just cry out to Him. God will not help you overcome this drug habit if you turn away and want nothing to do with Him. It does not hurt to try this. Do this for your baby's sake.


To Zoey - November 1

Terminate or give up the baby for adoption. Don't ruin another life. You're too unstable to be a mother.


Me - November 1

Zoey- You have to stop using for your baby. I know it is hard, I was using crystal meth before I got pregnant. Meth is a hard drug to kick and alot of people never can quit using it. I found out I was pregnant and it was a complete blessing because it is what I needed to get off the drug. I was hurting myself not to mention my family that did not know what was wrong with me! I would pray at night for God to help me get clean. And he did help me! I could not let myself get high off of something so horrible knowing I had a BABY inside of me! You are no longer hurting yourself, but you are seriously hurting your baby. If I could do it, you can too! Please get the help you need. If you stop now, your baby actually has a chance at a normal life! Please! I'll keep checking back on here if you want someone to talk to!


to zoey - November 3

zoey drugs are never good how ever i take oxi contin by perscription and i was told that the narcotics will not cause any long term effects but the baby is born addicted just like you. I have been through withdrawels when my script was stolen and its horrile so maybe if you just keep in mind do you want that baby to feel that pain. personally i felt it was worse then natural child birth. your baby will recover but you can beat it you can stop you will need support you cant do it by yourself. I'd be glad to let you contact me if you need an ear to talk to just let me know ok


Shame on 'to zoey' date:Nov.3 - November 3

Why would you tell someone to continue to do heroin? And why are you taking oxi contin while pregnant? What the hell is wrong with you? The baby will feel the pain of withdraw? I guess you think it is better to have a baby that is high all the time? We are taking about strong drugs here! Not a puff or 2 of weed, but strong narcotics! Do you really think it is worth hurting your baby? You are a stupid person and you should NOT be giving out advice!


fyi - November 4

i was told this last summer after i found myself to be pregnant regaurdless of my birth control. i also lost the baby due to graves disease completely unrelated. in no way shape or form did i encourage her to use drugs in fact quite the oppisite and i quote "your baby will recover but you can beat it you can stop you will need support you cant do it by yourself. I'd be glad to let you contact me if you need an ear to talk to just let me know ok " end quote i offered support to help i was letting her know there was still hope and she hasent completly lost the fight. read a little closer and offer support you obviously have never had to deal with drug addiction and youe lucky if we could all only be so perfect. live that perfect life that you have thats why your here right because your life is so perfect. according to six of my doctors who i consulted it would have done the baby more harm to be in my body with out my medication. the stress from the pain of my condition would have caused me to miscarry. i found out about the graves disease after the fact this web site is to help people and share feelings and experiences not down on people like you know the whole situation because you dont constructive help does so much more for people then just pointing a finger. I am a recovering drug addict and it was my first son that gave me the will to stay clean. now i have the big house with the white fence 2.5 children dog cat perfect husband who loves and supports me. so again zoey its not easy and you cant do it yourself but there is still hope and you can pick your head up and move on. support is your greatest weapom in everything wether it be addiction illness or just plain being a jerk like some people its never too late to change. so please i will keep an eye out for you and you are in my prayers you and your child please remember i will be there to listen if you need -God bless


me - November 4

The baby only has a chance to recover if it makes it to the delivery.


fyi - November 4

it is surrounding circ_mstances usually that due the baby in. again the use of narcotics has no long term effect but you tend not to eat sleep or take proper precautions along with the chances of transmitting diseases such as aids. zoey my personal e-mail is [email protected] please contact me. dont let what other people say get you down just remember you have a baby on the way. this time is suppose to be joyful. you can put it down and never pick it up again. you can have the life both you and your baby deserve. my doctors have told me that i probally will never be able to carry another baby. it is still hard even today not to give up and go back but I do and you can too. please contact me. i really want to help you.


shame to fyi - November 4

Oxi contin is just hillbilly herion anyways. So you can't see the wrong in using herion while pregnant I guess. Your taking care of two kids and taking oxi contin? Is that safe?


Shame to fyi again - November 4

I'm going to apologize for being so nasty. I do not know your situation fyi but I do know how hard it is to kick a drug habbit and I should not be putting anyone down for any reason. I hate when people judge others for no reason so I do not know why I was doing it. So I am sorry and good luck to you and your family. Good luck to you Zoey as well. :)


to the perfect one - November 4

If you had any type of clue oxi contin is a medication used to trat chronic severe pain. it does not make you high unless you abuse it. it happens to make me normal it would be shameful of me to make my children watch me suffer in pain and to worry theme into thinking that they would ever loose their mother. hillbilly heroin is the most rediculous term. if you dont think for a minute that i didnt try every other option and do extensive research before agreeing to use such medications you are sadly mistaken. and i again am not condoning drug use while pregnant. i chose to use birth control because of my medications and oxi contin was the least of the concerns out of all my meds when the birth control failed and i was faced with a choice to murder an inocent child or to consult with six different doctors whos only common intrest was me and who all agreed. that if i was to make a pro life dicission i would be torchering the baby to make it share the pain that would be present.other medications such as cymbalta and amitripytaline which are anti depressents spacifically used to control chronic pain would be harmful to the baby. heroine is a choice and the point is she can still stop and the baby would be ok. the reason the medical proffession offers medications it to regulate peoples lives. oxi contin makes it so im at every parents nigght soccer game swim meat and cub scout meeting. so i feel no shame in doing what i have to do to be there for my children. and you have no right to shame zoey myself or any one els you dont know. zoey may be wrong but she is reaching out and that is the first step admitting and if you truly knew how hard that is then you wouldent have acted the way you did to begin with. Again Zoeyjust reach out there will be a hand there to help pull you up. having a child id a wonderful blessing from that first movement fluttering in your belly to that first smile. My six year old said to me mommy when i grow big im gonna buy you a big box of chocolates and not just any chocolates one inside the heart. It is worth it zoey. please dont give up.


calm down - November 4

Lady I was appologizing for being rude, so why are continuing to argue. It is none of my business why you take oxi contin and I did not ask why you take it. I never said I was perfect, but this is a forum and everyone is int_tled to their opinions including me. Let it go.


Get help! - November 5

Zoey, you are not only hurting your baby, but you are also hurting yourself. The baby will be born to suffer from day one. STOP using drugs. Think about the precious life inside of you. Think about yourself. The drugs consume your brain and body, but you can win. God has given you a test... to save this precious life. So many women want to get pregnant and can't. Why would you continue to kill yourself, by using drugs? What kind of future will they bring you? What kind of job will you have as a drug user? What kind of life? You need to get help from people that love and care baout you, not only for the baby, but for you as well. I don;t think you can abort a 21 weeks old baby. You would have to kill it while inside you and then deliver a dead baby. Believe me, a decision like this will follow you to the day you die.


to Zoey - November 5

ive also struggled with drug addiction in my past, and ive been clean for 5yrs. the only way to kick the habit is to get away from all the negative influences and things that make you think about getting high. even if you go through a treatment center, you'll relapse once you get out if you've still got the same friends, you had before and getting what you want is too accessible. my suggestion is to check yourself into rehab once more, and detox. contact a close family member or friend who doesn't do drugs or live in a drug infested neighborhood and lives far away and ask to stay with them awhile while you try to get back on your feet. if thats not an option and you're young join job corp or some organization like that. you'll meet new people and live in the structured type of enviorment that you need right now. the longer you're clean, the easier it is to stay clean. this worked for me and hopefully it will work for you. you need to do something quick because even if the drugs themselves don't seriously hurt the baby, you're at a high risk for Aids, hepet_tis etc. don't have an abortion, i'm not against it or anything, but it doesn't seem like that's what you want to do. the fact that you've kept your baby this long means you do want it. you having an abortion would just be you giving up because things seem so hopeless right now, but they're not. look at this baby as a wake-up call to get clean. this is a reason to clean up if you ever had one. i know you have it in you to get straight because you've been trying for 4 months. many would have given up. even your post is a big attempt to get help. i wish you the best of luck and i'll be praying for you.


To Zoey - November 5

I am praying for you and your baby, Did you ever think this child may have been sent to save your life?


To zoey - November 8

You have to be strong for yourself and the baby. I was a heroin addict for 3 years until i became clean. Unfortunately i became clean in prison but it was the right thing for me at the time. I have now been clean for over a year, going to college and expecting my first baby with a decent man who loves me and who will support me. You need to break free from all your old drug friends and start a fresh for you and your baby because its not a life bringing a child around heroin. You can do it with seeking the right help, have you thought about going on a methadone script? and bringing yourself down off that so it will not effect the baby. If you want to do this Zoe and you are determined then you will do it, i have every faith in you



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