Drug Testing At My Doc Visits

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erica - May 26

Im scared to go into labor cause Ive been using meth.during my whole pregnancy and I want to know when I go to my doc.appts and they take my urine are they drug testing me ?and will they take my baby away at the hospital ?


monica - May 26

Erica are you for real??? how many weeks are you? As far as I know they dont test for anything other than protein and sugar in your urine. Please stop using drugs.... do this for your baby. Baby deserves a chance to be healthy.


Audrea - May 27

If they suspect after you have the baby that it is going through withdrawals they will test the baby without your knowledge and if it comes out positive they will take the baby away. I know this because I am an RN and work in the NICU and have had to test many babies. They will also test the mother's blood once in the hospital if there is any suspicion at all. You need to get off it and stay off before your baby is born. Just think, if you go through withdrawals, so will your baby. If you tell the doctors while you are pregnant then they can help you and they will not take your baby away if you stop.


Jbear - May 27

Your doctor can test you for drug usage without your knowledge or consent. When I was 20 weeks pregnant with my first child, I noticed that the doctors' att_tudes had changed toward me. One of the doctors left the room with my records pulled up on the computer, and I read them and saw that I had tested positive for amphetamines. I was not using any drugs, but I was taking Sudafed because it controls my asthma. I discussed it with the doctors and they said that could have caused my false positive.


Girlfriend - May 27

Why are you not scared to use meth? Shouldn't you be afraid of causing great damage to your child more than your fear of getting caught or having your baby taken away? Get some help!


Michelle - May 27

Erica, There are programs to help you and your baby out with meth addiction, if you want the help. Talk to your doctor about what can you do. If you are concerned about the system taking your baby, they work with moms in rehab and try to keep the babies with the mom. Please overcome your fears and go to the doctor, the LIFE of your BABY depends on you. Good Luck and just think long and hard about what you want to offer you baby; a world of addiction or a chance to live as normal of a life as you want to live.



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