DVT After Pregnancy

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Nadine-B - June 16

Hi, I'm new and was just wondering if anyone out there has suffered from Deep Vein Thrombosis either during or after their pregnancy. I was diagnosed with a clot that spread from my ankle to just under my heart 5 weeks after I gave birth to my son 4 years ago. I was taking Warfarin for almost a year. I am now 8 weeks pregnant and scared that I could happen again. My regular doctor told me that the last one was just bad luck and that I should be fine, but my shared care doctor seemed a bit concerned as I am also suffering from migranes with this pregnancy. Is there a possible connection between the two? Also Can anyone shed some light on what causes migranes during pregnancy I used to get them once in a blue moon but I have had 3 in the last 2 weeks and they are starting to worry me.


Amanda551 - June 19

Hey the exact same thing happened to me... CHANGE UR DOCTOR you need to be taking anticoagulation when pregnant as that is when you are at most risk of getting another DVT.. I took a clot when I was 31 weeks pregnant.. illaic vein thrombosis, it started in my groin and grew up my abdomen ending just 1cm below my heart.. It was a freak thing, i was only 17 at the time and spent 9 weeks in hospital because of it.. I too was put on warfarin for 1 yr after.. During my 2nd pregnancy I was put on clexane injections from I was 6 weeks pregnant.. pregnancy went fine NO problems.. With my 3 pregnancy again I was put on clexane, I m/carried at 18.5 weeks and took a clot 6 weeks later although it wasn't as serios as the first I was again put on warfarin for the rest of my life.. I then fell pregnant again in Janurary (currently 24 weeks) and again I am taking clexane.. There is no history of clots in my family so mine were just freak preg-related DVT's.... I am from the UK and am now 22yrs old, I am slim build and no major reasons why I took the clots.... I recommended getting a 2nd opnion about ur treatment during pregnancy, as everyones 'chance' of getting a clot during pregnancy is slightly increased and urs will be more so because you have already had one... If you wanna chat my email is [email protected] Also my website is www.1984Mandy1984.piczo.com Take out any dashes that might appear in the addresses


Nadine-B - June 21

Hi Amanda5551, Thanks heaps for your reply. I think I will be changing my doctor. I am now 9 weeks pregnant and the only thing my doctor has done is send me for blood tests! I haven't had any other checks at all (blood pressure, weight etc) which seems weird to me. It's hard to find a good doctor around here. My regular doctor is great but doesn't do sharecare. Hopefully they are more helpful at my hospital appointment! How often Did you have to have the clexane? Do you still find that you get swelling in your leg at all? Hope to hear from you soon.


Amanda551 - June 23

yep still get the swelling :( . I now have post thrombotic syndrome in my left leg making it very difficult to walk at times, my leg would swell and throb all the time. I started taking 40mg of clexane once a day, when i hit 16 weeks it changed to 40mg twice a day. I am now nearly 25 weeks and I have to take 60mg twice a day.. I think the clexane also goes by your body weight. I'm not sure if ur from the uk but here, when pregnant most people get whats known as 'shared' care. They visit their G.P every 4 weeks and have a 12weeks, 20 weeks, 34 week appointments at their maternity hospital. Because of my previous clot I get just hospital care, i attend the maternity unit every 2-4weeks. I also attend the 'Belfast city hospital Heamophilia and thrombosis centre' every 4 weeks where my blood is monitored. I can't believe you have just been told you'll be 'ok'. I would def. look into getting another doctor or even calling your local maternity hospital/midwife in the meantime and see what they say... I reakon you will be given clexane. I hate those injections they are so stingy to do but sometimes I think they actually ease the pain and swelling in my leg, maybe because my blood is thinner it can pa__s through the veins easier? Anyways keep me updated and take care Amanda


Nadine-B - June 24

Hi again, I still get the swelling occasionally too, usually if I have walked alot or sometimes when the weather gets really hot or really cold, it's like a constant reminder of what I went through. I live in Melbourne Australia and was planning on doing shared care but will probably stick with just the hospital. I still need to book my appointment but I will keep you updated with what they say. Anyway take care and I will chat to you soon!


Caz - July 5

Hi, in 2002 I had a major DVT in pregnancy at 7mths and also had Clexane for 6wks leading up to the birth. then on Coumadin for nearly two yrs. After getting 2nd opinion, angiograms, blood tests, ultrasounds my Specialist said it should be ok to fall pregnant again. He said it would be ok because I would take Heparin injections for the whole 9 mths. Now 4yrs later I would love to fall pregnant BUT have started hearing comments like - "You could Haemmorage" or "the baby could haemmorage" and wonder whether I am putting myself at risk and being stupid. It also says on the net that taking blood thinners for long term leads to osteoporosis as it reduces calcium. I would really love to talk to anyone about this and if they had complications.


Nadine-B - July 5

Hi Caz, My DH and I were quite worried about falling pregnant again after I had the DVTand we made sure to check my risks with the doctor before we made the decision to start trying. After I hd the DVT the doctor I was seeing told me that I wouldn't be able to have anymore kids, but after talking to 2 more doctors I found out that my risks are low. I had the blood tests that check your risk of getting another one and they couldn't identify why I even got the DVT in the first place so my doctor thinks that it was just a freak thing and that I was unlucky. The difference with my DVT was that it happened after the pregnancy. With the osteoperosis did it say how long you had to be on blood thinners for before you were at risk? I can understand your hesitation as I have also read about how some of the blood thinners can cause miscarriage. It's not an easy decision to make and I hope that you get more replies that may be more hlepful than mine. Whatever you choose I wish you the best of luck.


Caz - July 5

Hi Nadine - thanks for your reply. I know within myself that having one more child is something I really and truly would like to do. After all the tests came back showing I don't usually have a tendency to clot - only that I was pregnant - I feel it should be ok. I just hope if I go through with it I won't be too stressed worrying about it. I suppose it comes down to mind over matter and positive thinking and not letting other people's comments drag me down. Thanks again and hope your migraines go away and your pregnancy is a wonderful experience.


Nadine-B - July 7

Hi again Caz, keep in touch and let us know how you go with it all. It's hard not to let other peoples concerns get to you but as you said you just need to stay positive! Did you have a boy or a girl with your last pregnancy? I also have a 4 Y.O, a little boy named Ryan. Babydust and best wishes.


Caz - July 7

Hi Nadine, I also had a boy called Dane. He was 4 on 21st May. We live on the Gold Coast so I have been seeing a Specialist in Brisbane. How many weeks are you now in your pregnancy? Are you taking clexane or heparin needles? I will have to take heparin once a day throughout the whole 9 mths (yuk), but I feel it is so worth it. Talk soon, Caz.


Nadine-B - July 8

Ryan will be 5 on the 8th of October(2 days b4 my dh birthday!) I am 11weeks along and feel huge already, but I guess it's because it's my 4th pregnancy but twins have crossed my mind, I'm getting an ultrasound on tuesday. I have a 10 Y.O, Tayla and a 7 Y.O Shara.I am from Melbourne. So far they haven't given me anything to avoid a DVT, but I'm waiting to see what they say at the hospital appointment. I was worried about having to have the needles for the whole 9months too, it was bad enough getting blood tests every other day. But yeah you're right it is soo worth it and I guess you get used to the needles after a while. Do you find that you still suffer from the last DVT? I find that my leg will still oca__sionally swell a little depending on what I do apparently it stuffed up some of the valves in my leg. bBy the way I'm loving the name Dane!


Caz - July 11

Hi, how was your ultrasound? Your children have lovely names as well. You must be so busy with three and one on the way. I don't have many symptoms from the previous DVT - my left groin area is a slightly different feeling than my right. But I have a varicose vein in my left groin which I think gets a bit sensitive every now and then. We are going to Florida and Carribean for a trip of a lifetime in Aug/sept for5 weeks and will have to take heparin needles for the long flight over and back. That is why I am waiting till around Nov to try falling pregnant again. Did your doctor say that you have to take clexane or heparin through this pregnancy? Talk soon, Caz


Nadine-B - July 12

Hi Caz, ultrasound went well, one healthy little baby with a nice strong heartbeat.It was good to finally see who was making me so sick and tired all the time!!! I wish I was going on your holiday though, it sounds brilliant. I'm not sure if I'm going to be on heparin or not , my doctor hasn't said anything about it but I'm waiting to see what they say at my hospital appointment next Wednesday. I'll keep you updated. How did you find having a newborn and Dvt also? I was on crutches for about 2 months and I had to stop b___stfeeding (hated that the most) I found it frustrating because it limited what I could do. If you want to chat email me at [email protected]


Aimee1988 - November 6

hey i had a clot post partum my daughter was 9 weeks old when i ended up in hospital for 2 months i had a 40cm clot in my leg and ended up getting 2 clots in my lungs to i now have a ivc filter in but it dosnt help its now stuck i am hoping to fall pregnant soon but i am unsure if this will cause new clots too


vadixiegir3 - May 17

I just stumbled on this site researching DVT's a__sociated w/pregnancy. I know this forum was made in 2006, and it's now 2011, but I figured I'd post my story anyway. I am a 31 year old that has been pregnant 5 times and only has 1 child. I've had a series of bumps in the road that involves getting pregnant. When I'm not pregnant, I'm healthy, but when i get pregnant...that's a different story. I have had a stillbirth at 31 weeks back in 2007, and a week later found out I had a blood clot in my left leg. I was on Lovenox injections for a year and got pregnant on coumadin and decided not to have that child. Had a very closely watched 34 week pregnancy w/my daughter in Nov. of 2008 and she is now 2 1/2yrs old. Just recently got pregnant w/an iud in place and had an ectopic pregnancy. Had the surgery a week ago and knew when I woke up from the drugs I had another blood clot in my leg. Told the nurse my leg was sore, but they a__sured me it was just sore from being up in sturrups while in surgery. I was released from the hospital 2 days later and the pain got worse and traveled up my leg to the back of my knee. Went to the ER and was told I have another blood clot in the same leg. Now on lovenox and coumadin until my INR get's adapted to the meds. Can't believe my luck. My leg doesn't swell, just in alot of pain and it tenses up on me like a charlie horse. Can't understand why I have so much trouble when I get pregnant.



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