Early Softening Of Cervix

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Mimka - May 11

I am 26th week and during my last va___al exam doctor told me my cervix was over-closed but soft. He stated that it is early to begun softening at this stage and told me to take magnesium twice per day. He didn't tell me to stop any activity neither to rest..... I feel good, of ocurse sometimes I have some discomforts like: light pelvic pressure, some cramp for 2-3 minutes etc but nothing severe. On last ultrasound baby was perfect . Do any one alse experience this? Do you know what does it mean..do this mean I will start to dilate early...?


Pennie - May 11

is this your 1st pregnancy?


Mimi - May 11

Yes, Pennie it is.


Pennie - May 11

Is your cervix just soft or is it measuring shorter them 3 cm? The reason I ask is I was wondering if you doctor had discussed an incompetent cervix w/ you at all. Did they run a fetal fibronecting test? Its an iffy test but its suppost to be able to tell if your body is releasing hormones to go into labor. The test results can be messed up though if you've had s_x in 24 hours and a few other factors. Its an expensive test to if you don't have good insurance. Is your doc. going to moniter you closley? Remember to always be proactive- even if it seems like your a pest to your doctor- you and you baby deserve the best care!


Mimi - May 11

Well I don't know how much measures my cervix. I go on ultrasound every 5th week and he never mentioned incompetent cervix.also he didn't asked to monitor me closely. he didn't either told me to rest, or to change any activity....?!


Pennie - May 11

Just trust your body and if anything feels wrong get a hold of someone. I hope the best for you and your baby good luck!


Pennie - May 11

Did you search on-line about magnesuim and pregnancy? What is the magnesuim for did the doc. say?


Mimi - May 12

Penny thanks for your reply. Well my cervix is soft and not dilated neither effaced and I am taking magnesium to don't dilate early.


Jen - May 17

I am also having the same problem. I will be 27 weeks on Thursday and have been having cramping, discomfort (sometimes pain in the lower area) and plenty of pressure. Upon doing a pelvic exam my doctor did say that my cervix was soft. I was sent right away for an ultrasound and was told that my cervix is still plenty long (5 cm). I wasn't given any restrictions or anything, just told to get in contact with my doc right away if my symptoms change at all. I am curious to know why this happens. Is there something that I am doing that I shouldn't be os something that I am not doing that I should?!? This is my third pregnancy (second child) and it is immensley different then my pregnancy with my 1st! Good Luck with your baby and the rest of your pregnancy.


Mimka - May 18

To Jen: Are you dilated or just have the soften cervix? If it was something serious the doc would mention it, anyway, mine think there is nothing to worry about. Do you have contractions? did you dilate earlier with previous pregnancies?


Sabrina - May 27

I have a similar problem also. At 29 weeks I was having a LOT of cramping and enough pelvic pressure that made me feel like she was coming out. I went to the hospital to be monitored and everything seemed fine. I was given a cervical length test (an internal sonogram) and sent home. At 32 weeks, at a routine checkup I was asked if I still had cramping (which I did) so they performed another cervical length test and I my cervix was measued to be 2.75cm in length.. which had changed from the previous test. I was put on strict bed rest and was told to go straight to delivery if I had more than 6 contractions in an hour. Go figure! That same day, only hours later, I was having strong, consistent contractions and timed 12 in one hour so I went to labor and delivery. They monitored me again and I was having consistent contractions. I was given a catheter (ouchie!) for a urine sample to check for a bladder infection. Because the culture takes 48 hours, my doctor prescribed an antibiotic for a bladder infection "just in case". Only a day later I was already feeling better. I still havent gotten my results although it has been several days... but the dr was glad to hear my symptoms were at least "calming down" and that I reached 34 weeks. She still would like me to reach 37 she says. Okay, (sorry so long) now what I wish I would've asked is why they didn't give me something to stop my contractions, or why I was given a steroid to help the baby's lung development. Most of what I have read on the internet suggests it is routine in woman at risk for preterm labor. The way she's "hoping" I make it to 37 weeks and the fact that I'm on bedrest make me believe I am in deed at risk for preterm labor although I was never told that.


phorsha - February 2

i have a question.. i am 30 weeks and a few days pregnant, i was taken to the hospital last nite beause of some severe back ache i had been experiencing for 2 or 3 days. the doctor did a v____al exam and said that my cervix was really soft and the baby's head was very low and he was able to feel it through the cervix. he has now put me on bed rest and warned me not to do any walking at all. does anybody know what this means?? this is my first pregnancy and i'm a little bit confused about all of this! oh i was also diagnosed with diabetes at 14 weeks, could this have anything to do with that?



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