Early U S Sac Too Large And Fuzzy

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Pam - December 9

This is my 3rd Pregnancy and I've never had such an early u/s(5 weeks 2 days) and now wish I hadn't! Doc says sac is too big and looks fuzzy around edges. He mentioned a couple of things but all I can remember him saying is molar pregnancy which I just looked and up and now I'm convinced I'm going to get cancer too. My husband is working away and I'm in a new country where I know only a few people, can anyone help me make it through til Monday when they test my 2nd hcg level?


Christine - December 10

I have only heard of these..and they are nothing nice...keep your fingers crossed...for you dont know for sure yet...I have never heard of the worry for cancer though...why would you be concerned like that?...good luck..and keep us posted on how you are doing..


Pam - December 10

I am continuing to worry but as you say I don't know anything yet so will just have to wait. I've read few articles about molar pregnany since thursday and if it is a complete molar then there is a very good chance it will develop cancerous cells and will end up needing chemotherapy. Even if the pregnancy is ended by D&C it can grow back too, very scary stuff. Don't ask me why but that's what these articles say. Thanks for your kindness and I'll try and let you know what the outcome is.


Christine - December 13

I hope all goes well with your doc appointment...I am going to do some research on this molar pregnancy thing...and then I'll write back..I actually work for a doctors office..not an obgyn though...so I'll ask her if she knows anything about it...good luck and let me know how everything goes...Ill be praying for you....


Pam - December 13

Well I knew it was coming but it is still difficult. It was confirmed today that I have miscarried. Its probably for the best, nature's way. There was no more mention of molar pregnancy but he does want to see me again after my next period to make sure things are back to normal and the maybe we can try again, I don't know though. Maybe 2 is enough. I just want to say thanks Christine for your thoughts and kindness and I don't know if you are pregnant at the moment but if you are all the best and let me know how it goes.


Christine - December 13

Ohhh Pam I am soo sorry...I wish things would have gone differently for you...I know right now is going to be a trying time for you..but you will get through it...and if you ever need to talk you just let me know...I wish you the best of luck..and thank you...yes I am pregnant with my 3rd little girl....due in April...I have had some hard times already this time around..but it seems all is going good now...anyways thanks for asking and please come back when your ready...


matty - December 13

pam, i'm in a very similar situation. i had my first u/s that dated me at 5 weeks but they didn't detect a fetal pole or yolk sac and neither did my second at 6 weeks. i know it's very discouraging and sometimes all of the research can actually do you more bad than good but i would say to try to keep an optimistic outlook on this. 5 weeks is actually very early and it's hard for anyone to say that what they see at such an early stage is in actuality a problem. just try to calm down and remember that driving yourself crazy will not do you or your baby any good.



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