Echogenic Foci In The Heart White Spot Blood Tresults

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gonjo - October 13

Hi everybody, My name is Gonzalo. 3 weeks ago our doctor told us that the quad-screen blood test came back "high " for down syndrome. He said for my wife's age (33) the risk of having a Down Syndrome baby should be 1 in 410 but her results came as 1 in 133. A week later we did the level II ultrasound and they found everything ok except for a echogenic foci in the heart (white spot) So 4 days ago we had an amnio and we are now waiting for the results. we are literally dying of stress. So please I need to know if any of you have had results like this and what do you know that you can tell us. Thank you and God bless you for your help!


claire83 - October 14

with my third child i did not have the quad blood tests but on my level two ultrasound they found two soft markers for downs one of which was the foci on the heart i was offered a amnio but decided that i was keeping my daughter whether she had downs or not so did not bother having the amnio she is 19 months now and she does not have downs, i wish you both well and hope everything is ok


auntbuby - October 19

Ok, I'm 39 (be 40 next week) and had several soft markers for downs, short femur, white bowel (echogenic bowel) and smal for gestational age. I know the doctors thought this baby (my 3rd) had downs -- i could just tell by their att_tude. But, the good news is -- the Amnio came back negative! And now the white bowel has cleared up on its own and everything is fine. So really, TRY not stress too much. GOOD LUCK.


Barrettsark - October 23

Hi there I'm 21 weeks Pregnant with my fifth child and at my 19 week US they called me the next day saying that they found a White Spot on the babies Heart. We are going tomorrow for the level two US and to talk with the gen. counselor. We did not have the blood work done and never have with any of our other pregnancies. It's really hard not to worry. I can't wait till tomorrow is over!


liddlemama - November 2

I am in the same situation. Abnormal blood results and echogenic foci. I am 30, my risk is now calculated at 1:179. I completely understand the stress. I cannot sleep. I have am appointment with a specialist next Wed. 11/07/07, they will do a level 2 ultrasound . Regardless of the results I will probably do an amnio because the waiting is not good for me.


liddlemama - December 13

Just an update: I had the amnio about a month ago and everything is normal!!!! I have been enjoying my pregnancy ever since. Good luck to all and try not to worry.


myamazinggrace - December 15

Gonzolo, My baby had the white spot in the heart too. PLUS I am 37, and my baby was breach, and smaller - All soft markers for Downs. I never had the blood tests or amnio . . . By the time my baby was born, I was told the odds were 1 in 75 that she had Downs Syndrome. I was terrified for my baby. Those did not sound like good odds to me. You will be happy to know that my Grace is happy and healthy - And Downs Syndrome free.The odds ARE in your favor my friend. Keep a positive att_tude. And hug your wife :)



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