Ecstasy Use In First 4 Weeks

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L_M - July 9

Is there anyone there who did ecstasy in the first 4 weeks of their pregnancy & didn't know they were pregnant? I did a pregnancy test Friday that was negative and took an e on Saturday. Now I am wondering if I am pregnant (just not enought to show up on the test) and what could I have done to my baby. I feel so bad and need to know if anyone has been through this? Please help


KLT - July 10

Are you late on your period? How late? I was 4 days late and took the test and it showed positive right away - altho the line was very faint. But pregnant is pregnant... My friend did a bunch of E before she found out she was pregnant..her son was born without a b___t-hole. NOT trying to scare you at all...cause I think anything could have caused that deformity. Take the test again, and if you are pregnant, talk to your doctor and just be honest. You have to figure, theres alot of people out there who drink and get effed up in various kinds of ways before realizing they are pregnant and things turn out ok. So try and think positive. : )


Honey Bee - July 11

KLT are you serious?? If so that is crazy what did they do to get the little one on track


sa__sifras - July 11

Not proud of the fact, and I was completely different person at the time, but I took ecstasy, valium, xanax, cocaine, and even oxycotin. All within the first 4 weeks when I didnt know. And I was a raging alcoholic, have been clean ever since. My daughter is in the 3 yr old cla__s at her daycare and has been since she was 22 months(she is 26 months now), she is very advanced for her age. I am very thankful that my stupid decisions back then did not have any effects on her. But, as my dr told me, your body is made to protect your baby from day 1. Just don't make the situation any worse. Wait until you know for sure, and if you are trying to conceive, you should consider giving it all up for the time being.


KLT - July 11

Honey Bee - yep. He's doing fine in some aspects but he has to wear a colonoscopy bag now and probably will for the rest of his life. He's had multiple surgeries and they made a hole for him but it didn't function as it should...the sphincter muscle just wouldn't do what it needed to do, so he was put back on the bag. Poor little boy, he's about 5 now and as a baby it wasn't as bad when he'd go to daycare b/c the ladies there wouldn't have as much of a problem changing him...but now that he's older its getting harder. He doesn't know when he poo' just starts smelling...very very badly. I think worse than a normal poo smell since theres gas stuck in the bag and just sits in there. I can't imagine how it will be for him as he gets older..goes thru adolescence...meets girls, etc. etc.. He has always been a frail boy too b/c of the whole thing, constantly in and out of the hospital. Sad thing is, the mom continues to do E, even after this has happened to her son..and now wants another baby. Sa__sifras - I was like you..did almost everything in the book, but roughly a year before I got pregnant, I decided to stop everything. I still went out drinking alot though. But everything else..I stopped, even the antidepressants I was on. I guess I wanted to "clean" my body out before I got pregnant. So far, so good. I haven't touched a thing since and have no desire to. Things change you and i'm anxious to be a mom and start a new phase in my life. Time to grow up!


venus_in_scorpio - July 14

yeah... just be honest with your doctor and theyll tell you what's up. if theyre worried theyll monitor the baby with ultrasounds and stuff throughout the pregnancy. Before I found out I was pregnant I used to take vicodin and xanax a lot... i stopped when i found out. so far, so good. good luck


L_M - July 16

Just thought I would let everyone know I did 4 more tests which were all negative and then my period arrived 2 days ago so I am definitely not pregnant.. Even so, this has been a big lesson for me and I realise now that I don't need any of that stuff . My hubbie and I are really going to try to conceive now and I can't wait for the day I do the test and it comes up positive. I have put my partying days behind me. I want to be the bet mum ever and give my baby the healthiest possible start to life. Thanks to everyone for your replies. x :)


Natalie0209 - July 18

Sa__sifras, I was so relieved to read what you wrote about your drug consumption not having any negative effects on your daughter's health. I am freaking out because I was about 4 weeks pregnant and I had no idea, I took ecstasy, cocaine and I drank a lot on a 2 night party binge. I have told my doctor and I will be closely monitored and I have been a__sured that the risk is relatively low as it was so early in the pregancy. My HcG levels were only at 50. Yet still I am so worried about possible damage I may have caused. My husband and I have decided to go forward with the pregancy and I am now in my 9th week. I am trying to relax about it, but I just can't live with the idea that I may have caused harm. Hearing your story was the first positive thing I have come across regarding this issue. Do you have anything else you could possibly tell me about this topic?


sa__sifras - July 19

Natalie-- Just being honest with your dr is HUGE. I was also worried about her dads drug habit that I had no idea of while we were together(which is why the relationship ended THEN found out I was prego). The dr said if any sperm is damaged, they aren't going to be the strong swimmers so not to worry. SOOOOO many women have no idea they are pregnant and do all sorts of things. Just be positive:) Good luck!


Singlemum79 - August 16

I promised myself that if my baby was ok, I would write in some of these forums to help other women. I got pregnant despite taking the morning after pill, so I really didn't think there was a chance. I celebrated my birthday a few days after conception and drank a heap, smoked a lot of weed and took a pill (ecstasy). I wouldn't recommend this as it stressed me out throughout my entire pregnancy but I now have a beautiful 9 month old baby girl who has met all the milestones so far. If you are in a similar position to me try not to worry too much and enjoy your pregnancy. 



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