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sarahlou21 - October 15

i was just wondering could you help put my mind at ease ive been havin painz in my lower stomach and ive had a scan done and it shown this black circle up at the side of my right ovary and they have said they cant rule out an ectopic but ive had blood tests done and my hormones was at 238 and then i had some more bloods tests 2 days later and they went up to over 500 could you tell me what that means please


Kristin72 - October 16

you may have a blockage in your tube but a normal pregnancy..but lon the other hand like they said they cannot rule out ectopic. Because your numbers are doubling this is a good sign. Usually ectopics do not double every 2 days. They either plateau or get higher but at a slower rate. Are you bleeding? Did they see anything in your ueterus? Do not let them give you methodextrate until they are certain things are not developing like a normal pregnancy. I just reconvered from an ectopic. My levels were rising but not doubling every 2 days. They have to act quickly so the embryo does not burst your tubes. (then you could loose your tube with surgery)Mine was only "suspicious" of an ectopic as well. I think it is hard for them to determine 100%. I was given 2 rounds of methdextrate(chemo) to shrink the embryo. My hcg levels went from 3300 they are now 9 as of last thrusday. I have been bleeding for 6-7 weeks. not fun at all. I am anxious to ttc again too. I hope things work out for you and that it is not an ectopic. Good luck..let me know how things work out for you :)


sarahlou21 - October 17

no im not bleeding, i had a scan done yesturday and they cud see a sack but nothing else and i had sum more blood tests done and my hormones have gone from over 500 to over 3000since friday cud this be a gud sign


Kristin72 - October 19

that is a great sign!!!! best of luck to you!!!!!!!!!!!!


Herecomes#4 - October 31

That is a great sign. I was told that if you have an ectopic pregnancy the numbers will not rise or atleast not rise much at all and a lot of times will even decrease. I learned plenty about all of that because I was proned to having an ectopic pregnancy. I have 3 children so I decided to get my tubes cut and tied a little over a year ago...and now here I am 5 weeks pregnant with #4 :) Crazy....but he/she is developing normally in my uterus, so this is quite a gift from God. I'm sure your baby is developing normal as well.


annab - October 31

don't belive everything these doctors say....I was also having cramps everyday and I had a cyst on my right ovary (which could be the circle you have)...they scared the c___p out of me and told me it could be ectopic....I had another ultrasound done after and a DIFFERENT doctor told me cramping is very normal since my uterus is expanding and that having a cyst on the ovary is also very normal (since the egg came from that ovary) and that it will go away on it's own...I was happy to hear this but the first doctor really scared me alot and I was always so paranoid...wondering if I'll ever bleed and die. Just enjoy your pregnancy and as long as your not bleeding, you should be fine. I'm on my 22 week now and not a big fan of doctors these days.


kitty02 - November 1

Hi sarahlou21! That black circle thats on your right ovary is a cyst. Thats how cyst show up on ultrasounds. I know because one, I work at a an Ob/Gyn office and two because I always get cyst on my ovaries. Cyst sometimes can be very painful, sometimes when I get them I have to take 800mg of Mortrin because thats how painful it gets. I hope that helps a little!


coyote - November 6

Well not to be a bad news bear, but I would keep a very close eye on it. I was in the ER 3 times this week with cramps on one side, then cramps all over, then just feeling really sore. They has initially found a cyst as well, and thought it could have been from one rupturing. I also, by the 2nd visit, had some very light spotting. I had my hcg levels checked 5 times, and they had all doubled. But I just felt something was off. So when I went back on Saturday, they eventually diagnosed it as an incomplete miscarriage. And they had also done 2 ultrasounds, but couldnt see anything. They said it could have been how early on I was (5-6 weeks). Anyway, they didnt rule an ectopic out, but sent me off with it being a miscarriage, though at first they just called it pregnancy pains, and even a possible appendix problem. To get to the point, when I went into a OB yesterday, to talk about getting a d&c, he ended up doing an ultrasound again, even though I wasnt really in any pain at that point. And wham! Right away he saw an ectopic, and I had heavy internal bleeding. I was very lucky not to have fainted and hemmoraged at home alone. So just be very diligent on your gut feelings, and get your hcg rechecked a lot until they can see the pregnancy in the right place. Mine didnt drop for quite awhile... Funny thing is, even with the so called miscarriage, my b___bs were still super sore. But as soon as the little guy came out, I am back to normal. And feeling very empty and sad. I wish you the BEST of luck, and just keep checking those numbers as often as they'll let you! All the best, Selena



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