Ectopic Trying Again

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Charlene - May 13

In some ways, I think I must be crazy. I have had miscarriages and then a couple years ago an ectopic pregnancy that almost took my life. I am concerned to say the least, but wanting a child so much. Anyone else out there that has had ectopic with the loss of a tube that has resulted in a successful story - any words of wisdom? When I got pregnant before, none of it was planned. Now that we are "trying" the waiting every month is killing me and then the disappointment whne my period does come. It is hard to not put alot of stress on yourself!!! Good luck to all. I have been reading some stories and my heart goes out to each and every one of you.


Mary - May 13

To Charlene: I too had an ectopic 19 yrs ago.. of course I lost my tube.. but 3 yrs later I went on to have a beautiful baby boy.. you can still concieve.. just takes alittle more work :)... just keep the faith.. and it will happen.. I had 2 other children before him .. so I am now a happy mother of a 26, 24 and almost 16 yr old :) Gl to u sweetie


Charlene - May 13

Mary - thank you so much for the positive feedback. It is nice to know that there are others out there. I keep reading things and really think I should stop. Stats etc seem rather scary. If it is meant to be, I guess it will happen. For now, I think I should concentrate on the fun part...excuse me while I go find my husband LOL


sugar - September 23

thank you charlene for responding to my question, I was really worried . I want to be healthy when i try for another child. It feels good to know someone has went through the same thing i have and can tell me their experience THANK YOU SO MUCH


Tina T.L. - September 23

I lost my baby on Boxing Day (2004). I lost my right tube and I understand what you mean about the emotional roller coaster you are on each month. Every time my period was due, I was convinced I was pregnant and then I was devastated when my period came. I am pleased to say that I am 7 weeks pregnant now. It is in the right place this time so I'm crossing my fingers that this time everything will work out. It took me less than a year to get pregnant again - it can happen to you too. Good luck.



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