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Vivi - November 20

Last week I been trough so much because I have an ectopic pregnancy. I just want to know if there is anyone out there, who had one as well. I had a D&C and now I am waiting on the results of a methotrexate shot. I guess I just want to feel not so alone ont his ordeal. :)


L - November 21

I have been through one too, I had the methotrxate shot and it took me well over 2 months for my levels to get to 0 we palyed the waiting game hoping the shot worked I had to go in every tuesday and have my blood drawn to make sure my levels were dropping appropriatly. We were so devastated we have been trying to have a baby for 9 years if You have any more ?'s feel free to ask. I am sorry for what you are going through I know your pain. Take care


to L - November 21

I am sorry you have to pa__s through this, eve more given the amount of years you have been trying. :( I have a question. Did you bleed after the shot? That is, did you pa__s the ectopic pregnancy at all? I had the D&C and most of my bleeding prior to the shot. I was no longer bleeding after the shot, and yesterday (2 days after the shot) I started bleeding again, very light red blood and have localized pain and tenderness on one side. Thanks for helping. Thank you for sharing your story with me - that means so much right now.


Trisha - November 24

Your definitely not alone. I went through one last year. It was the most painful experience for us. I got the methotrexate shot. I was able to start trying again within about 3 months. You will be just fine even though the pain is so fresh. You will be able to get pregnant again, I did.


Vivi - November 24

Thanks Trisha ... it was so very painful for us as well. We decided not to start trying until Feb/March next year as I am still bleeding. I am feeling better today and went back to the gym. It feels so good to feel almost normal again!


Ashley - November 17

am also worried about having a ectopic pregnancy. I just had a miscarriage at the end of Sept. and got pregnant right after. I didn't even have a period between. I had my HCG levels done and they doubled. I am supposed to be around 5 weeks. But I keep feeling like there is something on my left side low in my abdomen. It feels like a little sting or something. It doesn't really hurt alot. I have also had a few on my right side,but every once in a while. I told my Nurse Prc. and she said that it could be cysts. I also have to wait two weeks for an U/S. I haven't had any bleeding. I just can't stop thinking that something is not right. My entire lower Abdomen is a little sore when you press on it. I just want to have this baby so bad. I was 6w5d when I lost my first baby. Can someone give me their opinion? Thanks.


Vivi - November 17

Ashley, create a new thread with your question as not everyone will read your reply, that way you will get more responses.


Ashley - November 17

How do I do that?


Vivi - November 18

Ashley, i posted your question for you on the general pregnancy questions area - t_tle is : please help - ectopic pregnancy?. That is the most active forum in here.


Ashley - November 18

Thanks Vivi.



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