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Beth - November 29

I am worried that I might be having an ectopic pregnancy. I was wondering if anyone who has had one might be able to share any early symptoms they had? My husband and I have been trying to conceive. Around ovulation time I started having twinges/mild cramping on one side of the lower abdomen. That has continued for 13 days now past ovulation. I wasn't supposed to start my period until tomorrow or the next day, but I started spotting 2 days ago and it has turned into heavy spotting/light period today. All pregnancy tests are negative, but I'm still having the crampy feelings only in one area. Does this sound like one? Thanks for any help.


alicia - September 19

i am five and a half weeks pregnant. about four days ago my b___st tenderness went away, and i just felt like i was no longer pregnant anymore. scared that i miscarried, i waited for any other sign, such as bleeding to indicate that i was no longer pregnant. this morning at five am, i was woken by left sided, lower abdominal pain. it felt crampy, or ga__sy, i could not really decipher. as the day progressed, the pain became worse, so i went to ER. the dr checked my hcg blood level, and said it was considerably low, for being 5 weeks + pregnant. i am scheduled for an ultrasound tomorrow to verify an ectopic pregnancy. you should still have a positive pregnancy test with an ectopic pregnancy, but the hcg levels may be low, as in my case. really, the only symptoms i am having is lower left sided abdominal discomfort, occasionally radiating to my back. i have prepared myself for the worst, just hoping that if it is an ectopic pregnancy, that it is caught early enough to prevent damage to my fallopian tube. i will keep posted with my test results.


js - September 19

No - it does not sound like an ectopic at all - you would not have any cramping that early. If you are worried, get it checked out. I had an ectopic and it hurt like hell!!! There was no mistaking it...


sugar - September 20

you may not be pregnant . Me and my husband are trying to have a babyand sometimes when you worry about when to have s_x and is my period going to come this month or i don't want to see a period this month which means im pregnant. All those worries can make your period act real crazy, worrying can make you miss a period or sometimes even having cramps but no period. Even if you don't think your worrying just thinking about something constantly is worrying


alicia (posted above) - September 21

my ultrasound showed nothing (? too soon), but my hcg levels are dropping, so it is either a blighted ovum or a young ectopic. need hcg to come back to zero, and have a miscarriage (period) before i can try to become pregnant again. sucks!!!


Christie - September 22

First of all, you need to go to make a doctor's appointment right away. I am 20 now and when I was 18 I had an ectopic pregnancy. I had taken two pregnancy tests and they both showed up negative, which is what usually happens (but I didn't know this at the time). I started out by having little pains and discomfort in my lower abdomen. This went on sparatically for 2 months and continued to get worse. The last time I was at work balled up on the floor because I couldn't move and someone had to take me home. I got lightheaded every so often and had abnormal bleeding (not a period). If you check out a website with symptoms, they'll say that your shoulder could hurt, well my right one did but I didn't think anything of it. One day at home I was having those sharp pains again, started vomitting, almost pa__sed out (if you feel like you are going to pa__s out, try to sit on the floor), and I was having trouble breathing. My father took me to the ER where I did pa__s out, they did some test and an ultrasound and by then I was almost 3 months pregnant and the fetus had burst my fallopian tube and caused enternal bleeding. If I would not have had surgery when I did I would have died. I am only 20 now and next month in October my child would have been a year old. Please take all of the precautions and make a doctor's appointment as soon as possible. Yes I am young and it would be hard for me to be a mother right now, but that was the hardest thing I have ever been through, so don't let it happen to you, and don't forget, OTC pregnancy tests are not always 100% accurate.


Laura - September 23

I have had one heck of a last couple of months. I had a miscarriage in July and have had bleeding for OVER two weeks. Sometimes heavy and sometimes light with some cramping on my left side. I wasn't going through a pads but going through little minipads every so often. I called the doctor who told me it could be ovulation bleeding and then they told me I could have cysts. Well, I took a pregnancy test and it was positive, all four of them! They took a blood test after I told them that I was showing positive on my tests to come find out that I was positive and at the same time expelling uterus lining. VERY confused they took another blood test to see how I was coming along as far as homone level and turns out, it wasn't progressing. After another ultrasound, they found my baby in my tubes. They gave me a shot in the rear with Methotrexate which causes the cells to stop producing and the body absorbs the baby and then you go on to have a period, a heavy one. I am very distraught, I am 36 and I all I want in life is a baby. Can anyone tell me if you have had success in having children after an ectopic? AND BETH, to answer your question, this does sound like a ectopic. Go to your doctor and have them do an ultrasound... that is the only way to tell if it is ectopic. Good Luck!!!!


Charlene - September 23

To Laura- I am 35 and 16 weeks pregnant. I have had a miscarriage and my last was a ruptured ectopic where I lost a tube. Just want you to know that it is possible to get pregnant again and have a successful one. I had an early u/s to rule out another ectopic as soon as I found out I was pregnant. Hang in there. I know the loss(es) are great, but good things will come your way.


Sam - November 14

I woke up today with sharp pain in the lower left quadrant of my pelvis. I've never had pain like this in this particular spot before, it's not killing me but there is definitely something wrong. I have been searching the internet this afternoon to try to find out whether it might be an ectopic pregnancy. My period is still not due for two days, my question to anyone who has experienced an ectopic pregnancy is 'how early did you feel the pain?. My thinking is that I should wait to see if I skip my period - I should have time to do that, it wouldn't rupture this early if it was an EP, surely? Thanks in advance for any information you can offer.


Laura - November 14

Take your health in your own hands, EVERYONE! I too had a pain in my left side, and it was an ectopic pregnancy, however, the chemo shots didn't help. The egg had attatched itself to an artery and I had internal bleeding because the dr. wouldn't listen to me so I took myself to the ER. Go to your dr. and have them look you over. You need to get this checked before you rupture your tube. Please, if you have questions, email me [email protected] I have read, read, read on ectopics and I can help you if you need it! I I started to bleed right away and the pain started immediately. We are all here for you!


rebecca - November 14

yes, you need to get checked i was 16 and took a pregnacy test it came out negitive. i went on vacation and got sick and to go to the hospital and found out i was 10 weeks preg it was tubal and the dr was able to save my baby and now she's 3.


TO REBECCA - November 14

You had a tubal pregnancy that went full term??? You are so lucky. How did they do that???


Hayley - November 16

Hi beth, I did two pregnancy tests which were negative then when my period was three days overdue, I did another test which came back with a very faint second line. My doctor sent me for blood tests as I had a previous miscarriage and my Hcg levels doubled in a couple of days so things were looking like a viable pregnancy then I started spotting and had very bad wind like pain through abdomen and back. Did more blood tests and my hcg levels had dropped so a scan was next and they could see a sac but no embryo. Finally had a laproscopy and found out it was eptopic so had surgery, managed to save my tube but pretty devastated. Trust your instincts, i knew something wasn't feeling right and we woman know our bodies. How soon have people began trying and how soon have people concieved after eptopic???


Ashley - November 17

I am also worried about having a ectopic pregnancy. I just had a miscarriage at the end of Sept. and got pregnant right after. I didn't even have a period between. I had my HCG levels done and they doubled. I am supposed to be around 5 weeks. But I keep feeling like there is something on my left side low in my abdomen. It feels like a little sting or something. It doesn't really hurt alot. I have also had a few on my right side,but every once in a while. I told my Nurse Prc. and she said that it could be cysts. I also have to wait two weeks for an U/S. I haven't had any bleeding. I just can't stop thinking that something is not right. My entire lower Abdomen is a little sore when you press on it. I just want to have this baby so bad. I was 6w5d when I lost my first baby. Can someone give me their opinion?


Laura - November 17

Ashley, go to the dr. and INSIST that they do an ultrasound. Do not end up in my situation where you keep calling and going in and they do absolutely nothing. You have to take your health into your own hands . Ectopics are SERIOUS! I went to the ER because the dr. wasn't helping me AT ALL! This does sound like an ectopic, BUT it could be a cyst on your ovaries which gives you the same feeling. They can find an ectopic if you have one. I just had an ectopic where I had two shots of methotrexate and I had to have surgery to remove the egg from my tube. They did save my tube and I just got my period. I am a little reluctant to try so soon because I don't want to ovulate and try to conceive from the same tube that had the ectopic so I am waiting until January. I am planning on having the dye test done to see if my tubes are blocked, If not, I am going on clomid to increase fertility and pray for that little thing we all want to complete our lives, a baby! Let me know anyone if you want to talk, my email is [email protected]!!!!


Ashley - November 17

Thanks Laura for the input. I will call them. I have had a history of cysts. Last week my HCG levels were doubling normally. I have had a little of the same on the other side but just not as much. I hope it is just a cysts. My mother thinks that it is just my uterus growing because it is not a constant thing. It doesn't really hurt it just is annoying to me and makes me think about the worst. I think I am going to go crazy until I see my little healthy baby on the U/S.


Laura - November 17

Hi Ashley! I hope it works out for you... I really really do! Please remember that you can carry a baby to term with cysts. I lost my first baby in July and was so lucky to get pregnant 2 months after having a DNC. I was so happy to find out I was pregnant, but it ended up ectopic. I know it will happen for me too.... it will happen for all of us longing a baby!



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