Ectopic Pregnancy

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Elizabeth - March 15

My period is one month late...Six home tests and all are negative. Will ectopic pegnancy cause test to be negative???


help - March 22

I have the same question, I had bleeding about a week after my period was supposed to start, it was short and light, very odd. Now for the last month I've had vary bad cramping on the right side, all tests come back negative, could it be a ectopic pregnancy?


cj - April 1

In March two years ago my period came as usual except it was like spotting, brownish in colour. I did a pregancy test but the result was not clear, I did several more, still there was a very faint line, so i went to the doctors who did another check the nurse was still unsure, the doctor did another test and decided that I was pregnant. I wasnt sure when my last period was but thought I was about 5wks. A couple of weeks later I had terrible stabbing pains on the left hand side and my partner took me to hospital. they did an internal scan and sed they could not see any thing in the womb and decided that I had an ectopic pregnancy, and was rushed into theatre where they removed my left tube. Two years later and I have just found out that I am pregnant again. This time the result came up positive very clearly and quickly, I am very on edge after having had an ectopic pregnancy previously and I am due to have a scan in two weeks to check the womb. I still think about the baby that may have been, but feel that I have been given a second chance and hope this time everything is ok. So if you have had an ectopic pregnancy, never give up hope.


jenny - April 1

I was 3 days late, and my pregnancy test came up positive, twice! I had an ectopic pregnancy rupture and was terminated last monday...I was having cramping, which others told me was normal. Your best bet is to see the doctor. Just make sure, that way you can at least protect yourself from rupturing your felopian tube.


to jenny - April 1

how far along were you when they determined you had an eptopic? Just wondering if they saw it on ultrasound. Do you know where your hcg's were at??



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