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gingy - December 23

I had an ectopic pregnancy in May, and had bleeding with this. I just found out that I am pregnant, about 5-6 wks along and worried about an ectopic again. So far I am not having any complications and no spotting. I am not seeing the dr until Jan 11. Is there typically bleeding with an ectopic?


mrsttc - December 24

Hi Gingy, My husband and I were trying to conceive since October 2009. On December 4, 2009 I decided to take a pregnancy test (since I was not feeling my self and was spotting for almost 2 weeks). To my surprise I was Pregnant. I thought I had my period in November but i Guess it really was not my Period. My husband and i were estatic. I made my doctor's appt for the same day b/c the stpotting was now a concern. This was my 1st pregnancy. So with my caclulations I should have been about 6-7 weeks. The doctor did an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy and could not find the sac. I was then sent to an u/s specialist and they thought they saw somthing in my left fallopian tube. I was the sent back to the doctor and my doctor advised me to go to the emergency room bc I may have an ectopic pregnancy... I got the best news that day and the worst. I went to the emergency room and they did another ultra sound but the machine was not working properly. The doctor made wanted to observe me ove rthe weeend and take several blood tests. My HCG was 3700 that day and 2 days later it was 3900. So this confirmed an abnormal pregnancy along with another u/s on 12.7.09. I was then given Methotrexate on 12.7. The first few days i was fine and then day 4-5 was painful and days 7-9 were extremely painful and i was bleeding a lot with clots. its been 15 days since the shot and my hcg today was 519 and i am finally feeling a better for the past few days. Sorry for the long story... I guess i saw this thread and just needed to get it out of my systen. Gingy, I would suggest if you have any type of bleeding or spotting to make a doctors appointment right away. An ectopic pregnancy that ruptures can risk your life. And with a history of EP you should go in right away. If you are 5-6 weeks along and your hcg is above 2000 your doctor should be able to see your gest sac. Good luck :)


gingy - December 24

mrsttc, so far I am not bleeding or spotting, just feeling a bit tired and on the queezy side. My last pregnancy I had in May (the etopic) the dr thought I miscarried so they did a D&C. After they got the path report back, they discovered it was not a miscarriage but an etopic and I was also given methotrexate injections. I really dont want to go thru this again. Thanks for your story and listening to mine.



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