Ectopic Pregnnacy Or No Please READ

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mrose - February 2

h__lo everyone.....I have taken 4 HPTs and all are negative. My DH and I have been ttc for awhile now. If I charted correctly I would have ovulated on Jan. 4th 2006, however, my cycle is not normal and am not sure when I was suspose to get my period. I do know that it has been 64 days since my last period. Over the past week I have had Very Very Very light spotting every now and then off and on but only when I wipe. Over the past few days I have had very bad pains in my ride side, sometimes a cramping and sometimes a pinching feeling. At times it is so bad that my leg hurts, and the other day my arm and shoulder were hurting so bad that I had to just sit there and hold my right arm with my left hand for awhile until the pain eased off. I've been reading on here about ectopic pregnancies and I guess it has me worried. Does this sound like one to any of you? Is it possible to have one but still get negative pregnancy test? I have a gyno appt next friday for my yearly exam, am trying to get in earlier but they do not have any openings. Any advice would be great, thanks!


jg - February 3

I was once told that a pregnancy test could show as negative if it was eptopic, so I guess it is a possibility. Has it ever been this long before, between periods? If the pain gets really bad, perhaps you should go to the emergency room as it can be quite dangerous if it is eptopic.


mrose - February 3

I don't have regular periods. However, the longest between periods it has ever been is 50 days. It has now been 65 days. And the fact that I've been spotting so lightly for like a week now off and on, has got me worried. Do you know if a cyst were to rupture would it cause you to bleed lightly?


kimberly - February 3

Sonds ecotopic to me. I would call the Dr. back and describe your symptoms and tell them you are concerned about it being ecotopic, I bet they will see you faster. Better find out now before you rupture a tube, this can be very dangerous top you and it will not help your chances of concieving again either if not caught in time.


mrose - February 3

thanks kimberly for responding. I have called the doctor this morning that I was suspose to see next friday and told them my symptons, they still said they had nothing available. So I called my old gynos office, I'm waiting for a nurse to call me back. Do you know if it is normal to get negatives pregnancy tests if it were ectopic?


mrose - February 3

just wanted to let everyone know i went to the doctor today. Come to find out, I just have a really bad bladder infection. That's good to know...she gave me some antibiotics to take for that, she also gave me another dose of provera to start my period...did it last year once, it only started it that one month but didnt regulate it. She also gave me metformin b/c apparantly I am insulin resistant. And on top of that she is almost 100% that I have PCOS. I go back in 3 weeks to do a progesterone check to see if I ovulated.


jg - February 4

Oh that's a relief for you then mrose - knowing what is going on and treatable is far better than not knowing at all. Hopefully things will get back on track for you.


mrose - February 4

thanks jg I really appreciate your help and concern. :-) Are you ttc as well?


Daniella - February 5

mrose- your body sounds a lot like mine... I would never have regular periods, etc. either... After 3 miscarriages I found out I have LPD... look it up.. a good sign that you have LPD is abnormal periods. On my 4th pregnancy, I had to take progesterone supplements to keep the pregnancy, or I wouldn't make enough and lose it AGAIN. I guess I was just making enough of the hormone to get pregnant, but not enough to sustain it. I also only ovulated a few times a year because I wasn't making enough to even ovulate. Just something to look up. GOod luck!! and glad you don't have an ectopic... also, I almost lost my life to one (the first pregnancy).. because I did have a neg. pregnancy test and it was 7 weeks in the tube when it finally ruptured.. They found out in the hospital on the scan and blood serum. But, my HCG was real low..


mrose - February 5

Daniella, thanks for the response. I'm sorry to hear about all the failed pregnancies....I'm glad to hear you made it the 4th time though. It's kind of worrying me, b/c they treated me for a bladder infection, and gave me medicine for that, and provera to start my period. but this morning, I was VERY sick, throwing up sick. Do you or anyone else know if the provera makes your sick like that? I just hope I'm not actually pregnant and they missed it or something...they only did a urine test...I don't know...I'm just worrying to much. Baby dust to everyone, goodnight


jg - February 5

Hi again mrose. No I am not TTC. After five very long years TTC, my husband and I had a miracle baby - our beautiful little 8-month old son who we just love and adore and still look at every day thinking "how lucky are we!!". I had huge amounts of probs and was told we would never conceive naturally. But we showed them!! I wish I knew about this site back in the days I was trying as there was no one I knew who understood my pain. I really hope everything works out for you.


Daniella - February 6

jg- awww.. that is wonderful. they also call my little boy a miracle baby.. Well, I am 27 weeks today, so he isn't actually born yet. BUt, he is 110% boy. lol... mrose- You may want to ask the doctor to do a blood serum on you just to make sure. It can be so low that may be missed by a urine test. ALthough, usually hospitals urine test have a lower number that detects at then the ones we buy in the store. BUT, I've gone in with pain before and they gave me a blood test, even though the urine test came back neg. YET, that was because I had a prior ectopic. So, that may be why they let me do it. Just ask, it wont hurt. Heck, you pay for it. Good luck!!


DS - February 7

To mrose I have had an ectopic pregnancy, I took several HPTS and they were all negative, just like you I was spotting. I started getting some cramping, back pain,and shooting pain down my leg. It wasn't really that painful, but it worried me, so I went to the ER. They asked if I was pregnant and I told them no according to the pregnancy test, so they did a blood pregnancy test and it was possitive. Well to make it short. I was admitted and was in surgery early in the morning with an eptopic pregnancy and a fetus the size of a quarter in my tube. Go get checked ASAP it is very dangerous. Have them do a blood pregnancy test. I had this done 12 years ago.


Daniella - February 7

DS- most home pregnancy test detect HCG at level 25. 12 years ago it was much higher... so, that is a real good reason that yours kept coming back negative. Yet, I had my ectopic 3 years ago and I got a negative pregnancy test also... but, that was a couple weeks before it finally ruptured in my tube. It was about 7 weeks gestation in my tube when it ruptured. Sure glad that they caught yours in time. I do agree though, that if you question it at all.. just ask for a blood serum. You never know and it will help ease your mind. :)



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