Elevated Antibodies

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socalmom - February 9

Hi my name is Gina I'm 8 weeks today. This will be my second child. I found out that the blood work from my first prenatal visit had elevated antibodies, I had more blood drawn to find warn auto antibodies, I had more blood taken yesterday and they were sending that to Red Cross so they can look at it???? I haven't heard anything yet, this is making me a bit nervous. Does anyone know anything about this??? PLEASE HELP!!!


punkyn - February 9

sry i have no info for ya but you van google search it u should get a lot info that way.


kristina1980 - February 10

I don't know if will help. This is my second pregnancy (the first ended in 5 weeks), I am almost 12 week. However, my blood is Rh negative, which is rare and not good. Dr. a__sumes that my baby's blood will be positive. So my body will start to produce antibodies, which might be dangerous, but not in the first pregnancy. but in 2,3...I will be getting some shots, I guess, so my body does not produce antibodies (?). I don't know if that's the same you have. What is your blood type?


JuJu - February 11

Hi Gina - our bodies sometimes produce antibodies that we don't need, and these antibodies can cause issues during pregnancy. There are many different kinds of antibodies too, I discovered in my own research last year - I had no idea they really existed until then! I am not an expert on Antibodies and their effects on pregnancy, but I can tell you about my situation and perhaps that'll help you understand a little more? I had two miscarriages before I found out that I was positive to anti-cardiolipin antibodies (ACA's) which basically cause my blood to thicken a little. It seems that my elevated ACA's were the cause behind my miscarriages (had heaps of other tests done too and embryo was perfect) - apparently like many antibodies it created placental blood-flow problems. The good new is, I am now 33 weeks pregnant again and everything is going well - I am taking low-dose aspirin to keep my blood nice and thin - my ACA's are low at the moment so I don't have to take stronger blood thinners llike heparin. That's another thing about Antibody levels - they tend to fluctuate. It's still a little known area of medical science, so docs are not sure why some of us develop antibodies or what influences their fluctuation. What's bizarre, is that before I had the 2 miscarriages, I had a great pregnancy with my DD, now 2. I had no idea at that stage that I had elevated antibodies...and I guess I was very lucky to have a problem free pregnancy that time! Anyway, if the tests do reveal that you have elevated antibody levels, it's very treatable, which is great. Hope this has helped a little??


socalmom - February 12

Thank you all for answering!! I'm still waiting for the Dr. or Red Cross to call, I had blood taken last Thursday, so I hope someone calls soon! I'm not cramping or bleeding so I'm a__suming that the baby is ok? My blood type is A+ but my dd is A- so maybe it does have something to do with the RH factor? My mom and sister are both RH- so maybe my body is screwy and if I have another RH- baby maybe my body doesn't know what to make of it???? I know that is the opposite of how the RH factor works but maybe I'm a strange one??? I did have a lot of problems with my DD she was born at 32 weeks, because of toxemia. I will give an update when I know more, if anyone else knows more please share!


socalmom - February 12

I called the dr. office this afternoon, my results had not come in yet!!! I sure hope that this is nothing to serious!!! The not knowing is killing me!!!!


Please_be_A _girl - February 13

Socalmom-- after your first pregnancy if you are RH NEGITIVe your body begins to make antibodies. I just had my Rhogam shot at 7 weeks and will receive 2 more. I wont get my antibodies checked until about 28 weeks.


JuJu - February 16

Socalmom; just popping in to see if your test results have come back yet?? Good luck!



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