Embryo Is Out Of Uterus

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flower - June 14

Hi: I have a 7 years old son.And i am trying to have a second baby.But I have had a several miscarriages after my son born..Everytime i when i got conceived they found the embryo was not in uterus.Can anyone tell me what should i do? What kind of medications are there? I dont know why the embryo is sticking either in the fallopian tube or somewhere else, but not in uterus.Please help me.I am so scared that i will not have my second baby.


Britney23 - June 15

Hi flower. I have a few questions... Firstly, how did they treat your ectopics? did they give you an injection or did you have surgery? Also ,do you know if it happened in the same fallopian tube each time? I too had an ectopic pregnancy 5 months ago. Mine was in my right fallopian tube, and unfortunately it was only found at 9 weeks. But that time the tube was so damaged it had to be completely removed. My husband and I were petrified. It was my first pregnancy, and we didn't know if it was just that tube that was malfunctioning, or if it would be both tubes. Well, I'm glad to say, I got pregnant 3 months after the operation and am now 9 weeks, with the bun safely in the oven. So I'm hoping this means that my left tube is fine. However, they do say that once you've had an ectopic, youre 15% likely to have another one, and with each subsequent ectopic, that percentage goes higher. An operation, or any tampering with the tube damages it further, making it more likely to have another one, beacause it becomes harder for the egg to travel down. I took a top surgeon in the country, and he said that unless you had pelvic inlamatory desease, or STD, there's no real explanation for an ectopic, and no way to prevent it. Some people are just born with tubes that don't work well. HOWEVER, you've alredy had a healthy child, which means that you definitely have a chance of having another... There have been many woman on thease forums who have gone on to have many babies after ectopics, even from severely damaged tubes... So keep your hopes up. You'll have another baby-I'm sure!


flower - June 15

Hi Britney: Your answer really consoles me.Actually last year when i got conceived and miscarried for the first time, i didn't know about ectopic pregnancy.And it was very early miscarriage.After that whenever i got pregnant i miscarried even before i knew that i was pregnant.But during mu 3rd miscarriage my gyno prescribed me the v____al progesterone suppositories and i used it last month when i got the possitive pregnancy test.Everything went well until i had the u/s in 7th week.They found nothing in my uterus.So i am not sure whether it is in fallopian tube or somewhere else.My gyno didnot say that it is fallopian tube.But he couldnot find it in the uterus.They have taken a HCG blood test and today i have to take again.But today i got bleeding, just small drops.What should i do now? I am very scared and confused.


Trixiedoodle - June 15

flower, that sounds like it might be a blighted ovum aka a missed misscarriage when the embryo doesn't actually develop or stops developing. I suffered through one of those for my 1st pregnancy 3 years ago. The Dr's couldn't tell me the reason why & it was very difficult to get through. But we did. It took 3 more years and IVF but we've made it. We are now 13 weeks pg again. At our 1st ultra-sound they found twins but at our second, one had stopped developing. Again, no reason. But we still have one who seems strong & healthy & developing normally. I wish you the best of luck. Remember to believe. Best of luck to you.


flower - June 16

Hi Unfortunately i miscarried again.Its my 4th time and this time was eevn worst.I could see the tissues go.I am so worried that i cannot have another baby.Is there anyone please help me? What are the tests i can take, not so expensive and most probable covered by the insurance? I know i have very low level progesterone.Will it be the only reason for the recurrent miscarriages? But i took the progesterone suppository this time.And it kept the embro in my body,but unfortunately it wasnot in the uterus. Can anyone help me to find the way to have good pregancy and a healthy baby. I am waiting for an anwer with my heart broken.



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