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kari15 - May 2

Hi everyone....i had an awful night yesterday and was looking for advice as to what to do now that it's over......my fiance and i come from very religious families and so they believe that we shouldn't live together until we got married.....which is fine with me but his parents feel that my parents give me too much stress and want me to live somewhere else....so yesterday they suggested that my fiance and i talk about this issue (where i'm to stay this summer) and we got into a huge fight....so i wanted to go back to college......on the way back he screamed that we weren't engaged anymore and i asked him continuously to pull over the car....after grabbing me a bunch of times he finally stopped and i jumped out and he ran over my foot .....idk what to do....i already have a very stressful pregnancy (i'm on bedrest for pre-term labor) and this incident did nothing good for me....any suggestions would be great! Thanks for reading this and sorry it's so long!


Chrissy - May 2

Oh my goodness. Does he not understand that screaming at you could put you into preterm labor again?? It sounds like you guys need to discuss this at a time when you are 1) not in a car, 2) able to talk maturely and intelligently, and respect each other, and no screaming. That is so dangerous that you jumped out and got your foot ran over. I hope you are okay, but this sounds like a bad situation and I hate to say this, but there is some immaturity in this relationship, not sure on whose part, but it's there. You NEED to take care of yourself for that baby. He NEEDS to be supportive, and if he can't , or if he causes you harm or more stress, you need to ditch him for now because this is serious! Best of luck to you, I am sooo worried about you. Think about that innocent baby who did not ask to be put in this situation! Good luck! :{


3babies - May 4

I dont mean to be rude, but isnt it a little late to be worried about you living together if you are having a baby? If you are going to be a family what is the point of not living together for a little while? It sounds like both sets of parents are pretty interfering in your lives. You need to sort out where you both are in your relationship before this baby gets here!


BriannasMummy - May 8

I dont understand the entire "not living together" stuff. If you are already pregnant what is it that you are trying to prevent by not living together. This is when you need support, A LOT of support, getting stressed out and having screaming matches with your significant other can only make things worse for you and the babe. I believe you need to take a step back from it all.. take a nice deep breath in.. and figure out what is best for you and the babe. Its important.


lsdags - May 8

Wow. I think that you have a couple of issue to address here. You need to make your fiance understand that regardless of any differences of opinions that the two of you may have you need to discuss them civilly now and when the baby does come. As far as your living arrangements go, I know that parents and others have their opinions on what's best and right, but you need to be in an environment where you will be under the least amount of stress and have the most physical and emotional support for you and this baby. It may not be where yours or his parents would opt for, but you are already a mom (youre carrying your child) and you need to think of what is the best environment to keep that baby safe and healthy. Hope this is helpful.



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