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Sarah - March 16

I am looking for ideas and opinions regarding my situation...My last period was Jan. 27th...I found out I was pregnant in late Feb....my hcg levels were as follows...900 Fri. March 3rd, 1607 on Mon. the 6th, and over 2300 Wed. the 8th...I had an US the 8th which showed an empty gest. sac (5 weeks, 5 days). Another US at 6 weeks and 6 days also showed an empty sac and what the Dr. thought could be the beginning of a yolk sac. Still, both the nurse and Dr. told me it did not look promising...I still wonder though...could I be less far along than I thought...I only went off the pill two months before we conceived and I am not sure how regulated my period and ovulation would have been. I have also heard stories of women not seeing anything until the 7th and 8th weeks related to tilted uterus' and so on...Anyway...I am just trying to keep positive...I have already had one miscarriage 3 years ago and kep praying this one will be different...Thanks for any ideas!!!


jules - March 16

Hi Sarah, I am in the same situation - and going crazy!! My lp was also jan 27th. I went for an u/s on mon (6wks 3days) and found an empty gestaional sac. obviously i a__sumed the worse. The midwife seems to think it is possible i may have conceived later in my cycle so therefore may not be as far on as i thought. I am going back in 2 wks for another u/s. Hope everything works out well for us both!! :)


Sarah - March 16

Jules, Thanks for responding...your reply gave me a a little spark of hope. Your MW seems more sensitive to patients than the Dr. I saw...Anyway, I went and had another HCG drawn today that came back at 7,000...I am waiting to hear from another Dr. tomorrow morning and see what the plan will be...I will be thinking about you and yours...keep me posted!


jules - March 17

I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Let me know how you get on!


Chas - March 20

Hi Sarah and Jules.. I am in the same boat. I went today and had a v____al us, first visit. Suppose to be 7 wks but us showed 6 wks 3 days. Ges sec and yolk sac but no fetal pole or fetal HR. I am so worried! I go back in a week. Boy what a long week this will be !!! I am praying.........


Sarah - March 20

Hey Chas, I wanted to write and say hello and I will be thinking about you...I go for another ultrasound Monday the 27th...It seems years away. When is your next one? I keep praying my dates are off...I have not had any bleeding or spotting...I just keep praying for a little miracle...Please let me know how it goes!!!


Chas - March 23

Hi sarah, I go back on Tuesday March 28th. Please let me know how yours goes !! good luck :)


jules - March 24

Hi Guys,had my follow up u/s, following a week of spotting/bleeding and my worsed fears were confirmed. Midwife says she is 98% sure i am in process of miscarrying. We were sort of expecting it, but still doesnt make it any easier! Have to go back yet again in a week to see about options, whether to have D&C etc. Hope you both have better news at your u/s. will be thinking about you. Keep me posted.


Chas - March 24

I am so sorry Jules.. that is heartbreaking. So, did you not have a yolk sac either? I am curious... God Bless


Jules - March 24

I am so sorry to hear about your loss...I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers...keep us posted on your f/u!!!


jules - March 27

Chas, At first u/s only gest sac. when i went bak on fri the sac had grown and there was a yolk sac, but obviously not progressing as it should be. good luck for tomorrow, hope all goes well! keep me posted.


bonnie - April 9

I was confirmed pregnant on 3/17/06 and my best guess at that time was that I was 5.5 week pregnant. I started bleeding 5 days ago and last night it turned red and clotty. So after a night at the ER, they told me my levels are at the rate of only about 5 weeks, should be around 10. Same with the gestational sac, only about 5 weeks. And it has implanted in the lower part of my uterus, not the top. Their guess is that it reached 5 weeks and then just stopped progressing. I am going to my ob tomorrow to see if the levels are continuing to go up. If not, then I guess just wait at home for the miscarriage. If it does continue to go up, we are going to have a problem with where the implantation has occurred. Not looking good either way. We are totally devastated.


annie24 - April 15

Hi i was in same situation. started bleeding at 5andhalf weeks.went for v____al scan at 6 weeks and showed empty gestational sac,absolutely nothing inside and my dates were correct.had tummy scan yesterday at 8 weeks and saw baby, heartbeat and even heard the heartbeat.try not to read too much into others experiences which makes yours seem negative as everything everyone else was saying was pointing towards me not having a pregnancy.Its amazing how much growing occurs in a day or two.never lose hope.good luck



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