Empty Sac At 12 Weeks

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Rachelf - November 11

Hi - I feel that I really need to speak to other women who have been in the same situation as me! Earlier in the year I had a m/c at just under 12 weeks. We were both very upset. I have now managed to fall pregnant again and was very excited as my first scan at 12 weeks is only a few days away. This weekend I had a bit of brown discharge and I was very concerned about this and so went to the hospital. I have just found out that after doing a scan I have am empty sac!! Has anyone else been in this situation? Will I manage to have a successful pregnancy next time or am I just one of those unlucky ones?! I feel I need some moral support.


april baby - November 11

Rachelf - I am so sorry for you loss. I had a m/c in late Sept. I was 11 weeks along. I had already had 4 or 5 u/s. The last one was at 9 weeks. I was able to see everything the hb and the baby along with head hands and feet it was very hard and still is. I would be 19 weeks this week if I haden't lost my baby. Rachelf - please don't give up hope. When do you talk to your dr. again? Maybe they will be able to give you some ideas. having 2 m/c does not mean that you can't have children. I am so sorry and please keep me updated. Take care of yourself~


sage122 - November 13

I'm very sorry to hear you're going through this. It kills me that so many women go through miscarriage. I'm pretty sure I'm in the middle of one at the moment. I'm almost 8 weeks along and have been bleeding and cramping for a week. I too had an empty sack shown on an ultrasound. It's heartbreaking. I have heard though that after a blighted ovum-empty sack miscarriage, you're likley to have a healthy pregnancy and carry to term next time. You will be in my prayers don't give up! keep us posted on how things go.


jitterz1002 - November 14

im sorry to hear about your sistuation, but i do know that u will be a proud mommy one day b/c between myself and my brother my mom had 8 m/c and then to her surprise i was born and they too almost gave up but didnt. and after me they had 2 more girls so it is possible to have a baby and it might happen when u least expect it. i will be praying for u and wishing u all the best in the world. i havent been been in your sistuation but my heart is breaking for you and i am very sorry



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