Enlarged Uterus

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andrea - July 29

I am 181/2 weeks. My doctor says my uterus is measuring large. What are the different causes?


Germaine - February 25

Well, it you haven't had a sonogram yet, there is the possibility that you may have multiples. You may also just be farther along than you think or the baby is just growing more rapidly. Remember their measurements are standards and everyone is different.


jessica - July 3

Do you have fibroids? Or more than one baby? I was large in my first pregnancy too, told that there was greater than average amount of amniotic fluid - everything turned out normal.


ANDREA - July 25



Jany - July 29

i;m only about 6 weeks pregnant. when the doc felt the uterus, she thought i might be further along. guess we'll find out next week at the sonograms.....personally, i'm hoping for twins!!


Sarah - February 24

I just had my second dr visit and they said the same thing again. I am 13weeks 5days by the wheel, but my uterus is measuring at 20weeks. The same thing when I was eight weeks, they measured me at 12? I've had a sonogram but only Onebaby... ???


Jen - March 6

My uteris was larger than it was supposed to be and my doc said that the baby may be very large or it's b/c I was a little overwieght to begin with. But my baby wasn't that much bigger than my other two and I didn't wiegh anymore with him than I did with my second child so it could be very normal nothing was wrong with my baby


D'Anna - March 14

I have had an enlarged uterus without any fibroids etc. for over 2 years. I usually have cramps daily , more severe prior and during menses.Bleed heavily and have mid-cycle bleeding. Can the uterus return to normal size if hormones are balanced correctly??My Dr. said my progesterone levels have been low, not allowing my uterus to shed correctly.I can't take the pill, I'm diabetic and 37 yrs. old. Do you have any suggestions on how to avoid hysterectomy? Thanks!


chris - March 14

Sometimes an enlarged uterus can be a sign of a molar pregnancy or partial molar. I went for an ultrasound because the doctor suspected twins due to the size of my uterus but I had a partial molar pregnancy.


Amy - April 12

I have just had my first drs appointment. I am 8 weeks pregnant and my uterus is double that. I know I'm not further along than 8 weeks. I am wondering what's the cause? Read the other responses and will have to follow up with my doctor. Any insight?


an - April 18

Can having an enlarged uterus due to fibroids cause problems in pregnancy?Can I be too big at even 20 weeks?


Laura - April 26

why my uterus tube often thick


Genoveva - May 20

I am about 6mo & have been measuring large since I was 4weeks, once sonogram was done they decided I was 3weeks further along. At my 5th mo I was still measuring large. They did another sonogram the baby & ambiotic fluids were fine but my uterus is still measuring too big. I have not been told anything else. As long as my baby is fine I am OK with it.


Summer - May 31

I recently had an exam and the midwife told me my uterus is measuring large, i usually have a tiny uterus. I have no fibroids, the home preg test was neg yet i have all the pregnancy symptoms. The Midwife thinks im pregnant. Can they make that diagnosis without a blood test? Why else would my uterus suddenly be large?


Stacy - June 16

i was just curious to see if you girls have found out anything differant!!!


Jacki - July 16

I am six weeks and 3 days and the doctor just told me I had an enlarged uterous. It is about double the size of a standard uterous. Doc told me not to worry, but this seems kind of strange. This is my first so of course I am a little overly concerned. It's not possible that I am any further along though.... I am just very concerned.


[email protected] - July 20

I'm on the same boat I've had 2 sono and baby is growing right on target, I am 22wks and measuring 27, Ive never had problems with my periods and no pains, so I doubt its fibroids. This is my 3rd preg and I always measure on the smaller side for date. Going in 3wks to get another ultrasound. Good luck ladies, and keep eachother posted. My DR said it could be to much amnio, twins, fibroids , or somethings up with the baby. Good luck to us all.



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