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romy - May 6

i am 6- 8 weeks pregnant very happy but im getting period like pains could this be a sign of eptopic pregnancy? help


Maureen - May 6

Boy, if this is serious, better see your Dr. to be sure!! GO NOW.


JANE - December 2



Vikki - December 2

If your shoulders hurt and the pain is unbearable than I would a__sume yes. Go to the doctors and dont leave till they give you a firm answer to whats wrong! I might be going through the same thing. Good luck!!!


vicki - January 11

i already have 2 kids,but recently started putting weight on and having all the symptoms of being preg again but all tests came back neg. i also have period like pains in my stomach,back and shoulders so i would like to if it could also be eptopic.i see the doc on thursday.


anne - January 12

If you have severe pain on your left or on the right side. You will also feel dizzy and nauseous at the same time. Some times we think of the worst things first but you maybe just fine Wish you all the best!


Shawna - January 13

I am possibly going through one at the moment... went in to the doc because of severe pain in my lower left abdomen, found out I'm preg but it might be eptopic, found a ma__s on my left tube... GET TO THE DOCTOR!! I wasn't going to go, but I'm lucky I did, if it bursts... you can guess what would happen


Sue - February 10

How does it take to have symptoms of eptopic? Last time I was pregnant I found out at 5 weeks. What is the earliest?


rachel - February 10

i have had period like symptoms the past three weeks. i am now 8 weeks. I was worried and went to get checked out. Everything is fine. If they are not severe or accompanied with blood, I wouldn't worry. But, for peace of mind, get checked.


jenny - April 4

if the pain is more to one side then you should see a doctor just in case


tracy - April 22

It could be a eptopic pregnancy go to your doctor as soom as possible


alice - April 28

What are the chances of having another eptopic pregnancy if you've had one in the past? Has anyone experienced two eptopics?


tina - April 28

i had period like pains in my stomach and then i had a sharp pain on my right side. i also had shoulder pain. the pain in my right side was gas; my shoulder pain was stress. and when i went to the doctor he showed (in an ultrasound)a baby in the uterus where it was suppose to be. period like pain especially in early pregnancy is very common. but to ease your mind go to your doctor as soon as possible!


jgo - June 6

I've had 2 ectopic pregnancies and yes if you've had one you're more proned to another. They are caused by the cilia in your fallopian tubes being damaged from a previous infection (of any kind in the female organs). I 've experienced no pain with either just wouldn't stop bleeding. I didn't even feel pain when the tubes ruptured. I had cramps just like a normal period, nothing else. The only thing that showed it was an ectopic was the HCG levels. On the second one they gave me the Methotrexate shots and I still ruptured so get checked asap.


Dannielle - June 20

Hi Romy, Please see a docotor straight away I have just had a operation from an eptopic, and had a tube removed. I was lucky this time if I had of left it any longer I would never be able to have children. A period can be common through pregnancy but NOT if you have pain. Are you weak? experiencing shoulder pain? light headed? if you answered yes the chances are high


shaz - June 27

I have just had surgery for eptopic pregnancy, I walked in for scan at approx 6weeks because my HCG levels weren't right and ended up staying for three days & having surgery. Get it checked I had no pain & only slight spotting.


Allison - June 30

I had an ectopic that ruptured - the pain was SEVERE - like really really really bad gas - I stayed up all night in pain and finally when my husband woke up and took one look at me he's like "we're going to the ER". Better safe than sorry - go get it checked out. By the way, I didn't have shoulder pain, but my abdomen was incredibly distended (from all of the blood in my abdomen). It was NOT fun.



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