Eptopic Surgery 3 Incisions

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Shauna-D - September 27

Hi, I recently had eptopic surgery in which my left falopeon tube was removed but had not yet ruptured. I am curiouse to know why I have three different incisions. One is on my left side, one in my belly button , and the third one is on my right side. Has anyone ever heard of this happening? Some people are telling me that there may be some kind of medical malpractice that went on. Any info is greatly appreciated.


Tory1980 - September 27

Why did they take out the tube if it hadn't ruptured? As for the incisions I can understand the left and tummy b___ton as it would mean they could get to the tube from both sides. As for the one on your right - could it be they were checking it to make sure there wasn't a problem with it in case of further pregnancies. Hasn't your Doctor discussed the surgery with you? If not I would be getting answers asap. Personally the most I have ever heard of is either two tiny incisions with key hole surgery or a bigger incision low down above the pubic bone. Get answers and don;t let the Doctor fob your questions off.


redmondsky - September 27

Hi - I have an answer for you - I had an ectopic pregnancy back in april (at the same time we had a uterine - pregnant with twins) and we had our right tube removed and our wonder doctor saved the baby that is still there! OKAY - the belly b___ton is the main "entry point" - they do 2 other incisions (and sometimes 3) to be able to insert several instruments - to work on the tube/ uterus. They b__w up your tummy with gas too - so the tubes and uterus are easy to access. So imagine they have (probably) one set of sissors in action, a clamp type thing to hold other organs back etc. I had 5 incisions after my surgery because the doctor was SO CAREFUL to not touch my uterus...to try and save the baby. OH - re: removal of the tube. My understanding is that they can't make the call (re: trying to save or remove) until they get in there and see the extent of the damage. If he did 3 incisions it sounds like he made the attempt to save...but probably got in there and for whatever reason - could not. Ours was removed and had not ruptured either but it was so BADLY b__wn up - he could not save....anyways - I hope this eases your mind AND if I can give you some hope: I am 42 - my left tube was shot a long time ago and I got pregnant on ONE TUBE (ironically the tube the twin got stuck in)............


redmondsky - September 27

Oh and sorry - one last thing - it also depends upon WHERE the tubal pregnancy is....my understanding: closer to the entry point from ovary - easy to save - the farther along the tube - the harder to save!


redmondsky - September 28

I forgot something else Shauna-D - they also use a laproscope to look inside...all the incisions allow for that too....I am not a doctor but I have had surgery like this twice now.....


Shauna-D - September 28

Thank you for your responses and advise, I know that everything is probably okay, but i'm just going to worry unless I go see anouther dr. for a second opinion and ultrasound. I had bleeding for at least two weeks after the surgery. I read online that the dr. uses a device to remove excess blood and fluids so that there is no more bleeding post surgery. Does anyone remember haveing the same experiance after surgery?


MZMAYA - September 29



redmondsky - September 29

Hi Shauna-D & MZMAYA - I bled for 5 weeks after the removal of the tube & baby...and I was preggers with a uterine at the same time (talk about NERVE wracking...) Anyways...my doctor said there will be bleeding - mainly because your body was preparing for what it THOUGHT was a "normal pregnancy" - the uterus lining would have held on - thinking there was an egg implanting....believe it or not we had a "pseudo sac" with our ectopic - the body made a fake sac with nothing in it - isen't the human body amazing and freaky all at the same time? Anyways - he probably stopped the internal bleeding (re: removal of the tube) but your uterine lining still needs to shed - did he do a D & C at the same time? It will slowly slowly stop.......I am sorry you both experience ectopic pregancy's and I sure hope you both heal quickly...if you need to talk at all just post here!


Kristin72 - October 3

Hi I was just diagnosed with a possible ectopic. I was given the methdextrate twice instead of having a tube removed on Sept 6th. I have been bleeding for going 5 weeks. I am 40 so I desperately want to become pregnant again. Redmondsky congrats on saving the other little bean. Sorry for the loss of the twin :( Had you had an ectopic b4? HAd you had any tests to determine your remaining tube was functioning well? Anyway you must be so happy now..how is your pregnancy going now?



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