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Michelle - August 23

i have just been confirmed 5 weeks pregnate but only after experiencing lower abdominal pain which continues to be painful. I am terified that this is an etopic pregnancy but my doctor feels they are not connected. The pain is when i cough, sneeze and walk. How long and how much pain should i feel before someone takes my symtoms seriosly. mich__le


starlyght24 - August 24

Hi Michelle, I just had an ectopic pregnancy August 13, 2005 I was exactly 7 weeks. My pain started in the center of my abdomen. It felt as if I had to use the bathroom but couldnt. The pain just seemed to get worse. It didnt matter what position I got into it hurt!! The pain then spread to the right side. It was really painful it actually had me in tears at times. I could barely walk because it hurt so bad. I went to the ER and they made me sit in the waiting room even after I was in tears signing in. After awhile I went back up there in tears and told them how bad I was hurting and if I was going to be seen soon. The lady just said I am sorry I know you are in pain you will be called shortly!! Well I had to wait for 3 or 4 more people. They finally called me back to get my vitals. I felt like I was about to pa__s out. My blood pressure came back at 87/44. The immediately went and got me a wheelchair and brought me in the back everyone kept saying I did not look good at all!! The gave me 2 IVs to get my blood pressure back up. Now I remind you I was at the ER around 11am. By the time they did all their testing and all the ultrasounds they decided that I needed emergency surgery. It was 4:45pm when I finally went to the OR for surgery. When they got in there I was bleeding really bad internally. My right tube ended up bursting and my doctor seems to think that it burst when I started getting the pain in my right side at home. So I was bleeding internally the whole time. The doctor had to take my right tube and I also had to have 2 blood transfusions for them to get me stable because I lost over a liter of blood. Seriously now I would take the pains really serious because of what I have went through!! I found out I was pregnant about 4 1/2 weeks along. All of my blood test were doubling it started out at 25.5, two days later 47, 3 days later, 98.4 and then my last test August 13 was 4050. If my doctors would have done an ultrasound right away they would have caught it. Because a few days after I missed my period I was lightly bleeding bright red blood. I went into the ER then and they labeled it a threaten miscarriage but never did an ultrasound etc. Thats when I went to have all my blood tests taken and the doctor never did one there either. My bleeding only lasted 4 days and then everything was normal. I would just follow your intution. I knew something was wrong because I never bled anytime during my 2 successful pregnancies. But I thought the dr's knew what they were talking about. Just dont push it off to the side. If you think something is really wrong i would request an ultrasound at your dr's or go into the ER and request one. I will never mess around with something like this again. I will demand an ultrasound because I almost died that day!! Now I am recovering from basically a csection but unfornutaly I dont have a baby. my body is healing just like I have had a baby but I didnt. Follow your instincts!!


Hmm - August 24

I know things are different for everyone, but with my ectopic I had pain ALL the time. Not just coughing or sneezing. And it was unlike anything I ever felt before (unlike childbirth, unlike anything) It hurt so bad, you can't stand, you can't sit, you can't breath! It might be that you have a cyst on your ovary. I have one now and that is pretty much when it hurts. Those are nothing to worry about as they are usually absorbed by the body after a few weeks or so... Try to relax - if the pain is all the time or you just want rea__surance, go to the er and have them do a v____al ultrasound - they can put your mind at ease and make sure everything is where its supposed to be, Good luck!


sandy - August 24

hi ive just had an eptopic pregnacy. i was 5 weeks pregnant and i was having really bad period pains in my stomach and lower back and i was bleeding very lightly but dark brownish blood. my doctor told me it was threatened miscarriage and to go home and come back in one week! it was my first pregnancy but i just knew something was wrong i felt that if i coughed i would miscarry! I went to the early pregnacy unit and they did an internal scan which showed it was eptopic. Please go and get a second opinion an eptopic pregtancy can be really dangerous and If i had listened to my doctor i could of been endangering my own life! im sure your pregnancy will be fine and i dont mean to scare you but always trust your own body and if it feels wrong then go and get checked out again. At least it will put your mind at rest. best wishes x



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