Etopic Pregnancy

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dorean - March 30

the first day of my last period was on Feb 27th 09. I did a home pregnancy test today and found out i was pregnant. The line was faint pink in color. Previously i was diagonesd with an etopic pregnancy and got it cleared with an injection of methothrexate. did not remove my tube. I am scared that since the line is faint pink i might be having low leves of hcg again leading to an etopic pregnancy. I really want to have this baby. My Dr. shall nto even see me until 6 weeks that is on the 9th april. I am so scared. Has anyone had a successful pregnancy after an etopic (without removing their tubes)?


dorean - March 31

I did another home pregnancy test today and the test still shows a very faint line... now i am just praying.


Malica - April 3

An etopic pregnancy leads to low HGC levels, not the other way around. But still you're only 5 weeks along now -- some women with healthy normal pregnancies don't get a positive result until 2 weeks late for their period or later. The pregnancy hormone doubles about every 3 days at your stage, so testing every day isn't going to show much change at all. In fact, those pee sticks aren't a good indicator of hormone levels so there's not much point in retesting. Unfortunately there's nothing you can do but wait. Nothing you or a doctor could do will change the outcome. But just because you've had one etopic pregnancy does not mean any of the subsequent pregnancies are going to be etopic. There is a slightly elevated risk of having a second etopic, but it's still a very low risk over all. Try not to worry.


dorean - April 5

Yesterday i started having brownish discharge and today morning I pa__sed a big clump (was a sac in one piece).. looks like i miscarried.... shall try to go and see the doc tomorrow. :(


chelseaholley - April 9

YES! i had an ectopic pregnancy 2 years ago, i didnt know until i started spotting at 8 weeks and then the pain got so bad i was rushed to the hospital. they had to do surgery to remove it and there was also a blockage in the other tube. i tried to conceive for over a year after and then found out i was badly blocked. i went in for more surgery on my poor tub and they were able to clear them up. i was told there was a 6 month window and that if i wasnt pregnant by then, the scare tissue would probably grow back. now, 7 months later i am 6 weeks pregnant and it is in my uterus. i was so worried about not being able to get pregnant or carry in my uterus but it turned out great! i wish you the very best of luck and hope to hear back from you soon with some good news. blessings!


chelseaholley - April 9

dorean, im so sorry for your loss, i didnt read your last post. hang in there love. i know the pain of miscarriage way to well, i have had 7 and an ectopic. i hope you find yourself into your 3rd trimester carrying a healthy active baby, very soon. if you are worried about having another ectopic, i would highly advise you to have your doctor send you to a specialist who can do a "dye" test and make sure your tubes are clear. if they arnt they can go in and fix them for you.


dorean - April 10

I had a miscarriage.. last sunday ... but was not in my tubes (thank god for that). Shall wait another three months before trying.



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