Etopic Surgery And After

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Lorrie - February 10

I was 6 weeks pregnant to the day when i started to have seirous pain on the left side of my abdom. My mom took me to the clinic and i had to go to same day surgery b/c it was an etopic and i was bleeding from the inside but it wasn't exiting my body.The doc. removed my left tube and the baby. So my question is what would happen if i were to get pregnant soon after like less than 2 months after the surgery?..Has anyone else ever have this happen to them?


Shawna - February 10

So sorry about your loss, and the trauma of having to undergo emergency surgery (I had an ectopic pregnancy in 2003). I don't know what would happen if you got pregnant again just two months afterward... my doctor advised me to wait at least three months AFTER my periods started again (so it ended up being almost a total of four months before trying again). Still, it took almost 2 years for us to conceive again, but that is just the way we are and I doubt it had anything to do with the ectopic pregnancy. So I don't really have any advice for you, except to say that if you do get pregnant (or ARE pregnant) to insist on HCG tests and early scans to make sure it is not a repeat ectopic. I also just wanted to add my condolences, since I know that it is a very sad and very scary experience. I hope someone here has some answers for you. Best wishes!


Allie - February 12

Hi Lorrie: I had a ruptured ectopic a year ago, lost the tube as well. My doctor told me I could start trying again as soon as I felt physically able (it was too painful physically to try the first month). We started trying right away, but didn't concieve again until last September/October. I am now 22 weeks pregnant, very healthy pregnancy. As long as they didn't give you the Methanextrate (sp?) and you don't have physical complications there shouldn't be any problem,


Tara - February 13

i too had my left tube removed at 8 weeks i was told to wait 3 months. We got pregnant again after 6 months and i am now 14 weeks and doing fine so far. Sorry for your lost. If you are pregnant just make sure you get a scan done and talk to your doctor.


July23bride - February 14

Hey ladies Shawna,Allie,Tara It's good to see that you can get pregnant after ectopic preg. I just had one on 2/6 and I am really concerned about it. Best wishes to all of you and make sure you throw some baby dust my way.


Lorrie - February 14

This isn't an answer or anything i just wanted to make clear that i am not pregnant again..yet . I was just wondering if anyone had gotten to be quickly. But from your answers to my question have made me feel alot better about my chances of becoming pregnant again ..i was just worried. Thank you all so much if any of you ever see this you have helped me more than you know. Bless you


sarah - February 15

Hi all, I had an eptopic pregnancy had surgery and tube removed2 weeks ago 01/feb/06. In 2003 I had a fibroid removed (myectomy) which was 17cm in diameter im not sure if that played a part in this happening??


Cathy - February 17

I have just come out of hospital (14th Feb 06) after having emergency surgery for a ruptured eptopic pregnancy. I was 7 weeks pregnant and collapsed at work in tremendous pain, after having no warning signs or symptoms at all that this wasn't a normal pregnancy. By the time I got to surgery, I had 3 litres of blood in my abdomen, blood pressure really low, pulse really high, organs were shutting down and they had to transfuse over 4 litres of blood before I stabilsed. They had to remove my right fallopian tube but did decide to leave the ovary. I have been told by the hospital that you can still get pregnant with the other ovary even though it doesn't have the tube attached. My Consultant said that we could continue trying for a baby after my first proper period after the op - this we are eagerly awaiting. It has been a very scary time but my Fiance and I are very hopeful and positive about the future - we are both just glad that I am still here. We have had 3 - 4 previous miscarriages over the last 2 years but are not going to stop trying. I know of women who have had eptopics and lost tubes and all eventually became happy parents to more than one child. I have been advised to contact the early pregnancy unit at the local hospital as soon as I think we are pregnant again. They will then do the early scan (heart beat can be detected as early as 5 wks pregnant) but will also do the blood tests and other tests to ensure that the pregnancy is in the correct place. I would advise anyone else to do the same. As soon as you are pregnant again - or think you are pregnant again - then go straight to the hospital to have it checked. Stay positive and optimistic and I'm sure it will happen eventually.


donna - February 20

i had an eptopic in march 99 i was 5 months gone in april 99 i got court and everything went fine ive now been tryin 4 another baby 4 1 year and still nothing


Jody - March 7

I have a question. I also had a Etopic pregnancy that burst and had to have my tube removed. I went back on the BC pill after 2 weeks of surgery, does anyone know when I should start my next period? It has been a total of 4 weeks since surgery. Thanks for any info


lorriek - March 9

Jody I got mine a week after my normal date of my regular period but i didn't start my BC again ..My husband is now gone to iraq so i don't have to worry about becoming pregnanet again right away. But you will get it soon i am sure ..don't be worried


Loverboy - March 14

Hi Lorrie. I had a left etopic pregnancy in NZ back in 2002, left tubes removed. Dr back there said if I was to get pregnant again I needed to be monitored closely as I would be at risk of miscarrying my next child. She recommended I start trying as soon as I was physically and emotionally ready. We tried immediately. I moved to Sydney in March 2004 and was pregnant by Sept 2004. I told my Dr about my previous history and handed over all my medical notes which clearly spelt out the need to have early scan.... She wouldn't budge saying that I was prefectly fine and the Dr's in NZ were overeacting. I didn't go on about as I thought " well dr's know best". I miscarried at 15 weeks. I've since changed Dr's and am still trying. If you feel your Dr isn't listening or able to answer important questions for you then keep looking for a Dr you feel will. I know it may take some time but believe me it will be worth it. My new Dr and I already have an action play ready for when I become pregnant. I know my time will come again. I hope you are feeling better. The responses to your question have been great. I love reading them. Take care.


teresa - August 25

Well I wasnt so lucky I had my right tube removed and years later I had another tubal in my left tube so know I cant ever have kids again sometimes I just lay in my bed and cry my self to sleep sometimes I wonder why did this have to happen to me?So I am getting ready to get married and my husband to be doesnt even know that I cant have kids. he wants to have kids. The only way that I can have kids is through IVF and I am to poor for that. I dont make no money on my job so I dont know????


tryingx3 - August 25

teresa - you have to be honest with your husband to be...he should know you can't conceive...think about how you would feel if the "roles" were reversed...I'm not saying he will love you any less, I am just saying he might feel like you have "lied" by not telling him...and marriage should be based on trust. He might be all for adoption or a__sisting with foster never know till you talk about it.


dingding - August 27

I had on on Feb,01,06. And this month just 10 days after the ovulation, i found spot red on the underwear--the same thing as the last tube preg and the test is also light positive. I am dying...


tonyahen - September 2

You should go to the doctor and make sure that the baby isnt in your right tube to be on the safe side some people lose one tube and the other tube can be healthy so you still can be able to have children.



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