Ever Had Hcg Drop And Everything Be Ok

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Dawn - December 2

Hi, I am really looking to find if anyone has had hcg levels drop and things still turn out ok. Even someone who has a similar thing going on now. Thanks in advance for any info.


eyebeeablessing2u - December 2

It all depends when your levels dropped... if its after 8 - 10 weeks then its supposed to be normal....cause by then your baby is relying more on the placenta.. that is why pregnancy syptoms supposedly subsie in some women..... if u are concerned speak to your health care provider....and don't worry if you don't have to.... that is my motto...


Dawn - December 2

Thanks for the response, I am trying not to worry, they are not very positive at my health care provider about my whole situation. My sister really calmed down alot today and I will just wait it out until Tuesday and see where I am at then.


Amy - December 3

I had my hcg blood test today level only an 7. I did clomid and had the hcg injection 15 days ago. My estrogen levels were good (137), Dr. office said that is encouraging, but to be carefully optimistic. I go back on monday 12/6 to see what the levels are then. I hope it will rise, but I am tring to be realistic.


Jennifer - February 21

I was wondering the same thing too. We did in vitro and on the 10th day my HCG was 38 which the nurse said was sort of low, but could still turn out okay. We went back today and it had dropped to 21. I am really upset because this whole fert_titly thing is really hard and I wish that the first pregnancy test had just been negative, instead of me getting my hopes up. The doctor doesn't seem too hopeful but I go back in two days to see if the HCG has gone up at all. He may just be trying to make me feel better, but he did say that he has seen sucessful pregnancies come from fluctuating levels, but I think that more often than not, it doesn't work.


Krista - September 8

I wish we had at least one story of everything being okay. I found out I was prego about a week and a half ago..3 positive home tests. Then a few days ago started spotting, then bleeding...almost like a period for two days..then just spotting. I had my HCG tested and it was only at 37 but I wasn't too far along...that was at the ER out of state since I was camping. I went to my doc office two days later and tested again...hcg dropped to 24 but my dr office says they cant tell me for sure because they want two test off of their machine..since different dr offices could give different results. I go back in tomorrow to test again to see if they are going up or down again...if they're going down then I've lost the baby I guess...



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