Falling HCG And Then Rising

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steffie - January 26

I went to the doc 4wks. My HCG came back as 88. Doc. said it looked good. Went back two days later and it came back 61, two days later 60, two days later 144. I go back tomorrow to get HCG count again-any hope?


Suzie - January 27

Im new to all this HCG # thing myself i went from 149, 164, 312. currently waitting for my ultrasound on the 4th. please keep me posted.


steff - January 28

Suzie-it sounds like you # are rising, so that is good (even if a little slow). I go to the doc. today. Keep you posted.


steff - January 29

I went to the doc. today and my #'s went to 242-they sould have been 288. The doc said that this is still on the low side of normal. He said usually low numbers like this do not end in a successful pregnancy, but there are a few times that it does, so we are still waiting. I will go back for blood work on Mon. and to talk to the doc. on Tues. I just have a feeling it will end up being a tubal pregnancy.


steff - February 2

I went to the doc and #s came back 598, but still low. Doc. said tubal preg. Did ultra sound two days later-no baby. Had one of three injections to terminate tubal pregnancy.


riza - February 4

hi ladies...steff, so sorry to hear your story. i'm in the same position. hcg was 91, 415, 717, 461, 926... not doubling properly and fluctuated. dr. did an u/s and saw nothing, just a lot of fluid he a__sumed was blood. diagnosed me with a presumed ectopic and i took the shot on wednesday to terminate the tubal pregnancy. it's kinda hard. i had an ectopic/tubal pregnancy in july of last year. hang in there.


steff - February 12

testing to see if I can send a message


steff - February 12

Had third injection a week ago Fri. No bad cramping or bleeding. I went in THis Fri. for blood work to make sure my #s went down. Now I am cramping and bleeding badly-it sucks! Riza-I am sorry to hear your story also! I had a miscarriage at 18 weeks and had to deliver a tiny baby boy, and then I had a bl.ovum in Sept. and now a tubal. The worst was the miscarriage at 18 weeks. I am having a hard time-I feel so depressed. I hate seeing pregnant women and new babies! I wish you all the best! Keep trying!


Ali - February 20

Hi suzie - I'm new to the HCG as well. Even worse my count is at 48, which either means I'm just beginning or it was higher and it's lowering. Either way I;ll find out tomorrrow after my sono. Steff, sorry to hear about your outcome as well. Hang in there all.


~m~ - February 27

Hi. My levels were at 490 Friday morning (almost 5 weeks). I had some "tightening" of the abdomen Friday, then extremely light spotting Saturday morning. I went to the ER and hcg was 232. Any thoughts?


Stacey - March 2

I've been through IVF twice now, so I was monitored very carefully for HcG levels each time. With my first child, I had a dip in HcG levels very early on where around my 7th week, the doctor said my levels did not rise like he'd like to see. He said that could have been that 2 embryos had implanted at first and around the 7th week, one did not make it or that I had lost both. Fortunately, my HcG level started to rise again the next week and I had a huge, healthy baby boy.



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