Feel Pregnant But I Have An IUD

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ashley2028 - January 11

I got the Mirena IUD about a year and a half ago after my first son. Since then I dont have a period. For about 2 weeks I have been sick with diarrea and everything I smell makes me want to throw up. I am so tired to the point all I do is lay in bed, my br___t hurt , my back hurts and I am eating like a cow, stuff I dont even usually eat. I have gained 7 pounds also. My question is, I have taken 4 pregnancy test, they all came back negative. Could I still be pregnant.


claireg - January 11

hi ashley. i too feel the same as you. i had the mirena fitted in march 05 & over the past few weeks i have been experiencing abdominal pain with b___st tenderness and being really tired. i had these symptoms before my last pregnancy, i had a preg test at the docs & it came back neg, im being sent for a scan because the doctors couldnt find the threads of the coil but after reading some of the posts on this forum, i seem to be doubting things now, there is so many women on this forum that had negative results & it turns out that they were pregnant. have you been to see your doctor, if so what have they suggested to you?


ashley2028 - January 12

Hi, thanks for replying Claireg. I went to the Dr. Yesterday and I told them what was going on, they didnt seem to care much. He said even though I dont have a period, I will still get hormaonal every month. If thats the case why havent been like this every month then?!! He didn say my cervix was alot lower than ususual, and he also had to pull my strings back down, which hurt like hell. So for now I guess I will just wait to see if this pa__ses.


to ashley2028 - January 12

IUD's can increase the posibility of cyst witch can come with pregnancy symptoms.This happens when a cyst causes a hormonal inbalance.I believe if you read the fine prin they say they may disappear on their own.Don't take that as a fact,do you own research.I would bring this up to your doctor.This happen to me twice.I have had the mirena for almost four years.I enjoy not getting my period to much to get it taken out.Do some researh on what other things cause hormonal inbalaces(i know there are a couple) and decide if it is worth the trouble for you.This seems to be common.


claireg - January 18

hi ashley, just wondering how things are going? ive been back to my docs twice now & ive still not been sent for my scan so i phoned today & told them that i want referred to the hospital today (still awaiting phonecall back) ive decided to get this dam thing out now ! so im hoping that this wiil stop these pains im having. ive still got this feeling of being pregnant hence why im also anxious to have this scan. well i hope you are well.



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