Fetal Heartbeat 15 Weeks

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Jamie - May 10

I monitor my fetal heartbeat at home with monitor and it is consitantly 85bpm, is this normal at 15 weeks? What is normal at 15 weeks? I am going to the doc this week will ask her about it as well. Thanks


ekay - May 10

That sounds like you are picking up your heartbeat and not your baby's. Try aiming the doppler down towards your pubic bone. Those little guys can be hard to pickup.


booksnshoes - June 10

I'm 13 weeks and I heard the baby's heartbeat and it was 170. You have to be careful because you can mistake yours for the babies.


Amy - June 10

I am 14w 1d and I rented a fetal doppler also and I listen to my little ones heartbeat everyday and its always between 140 and 165. I've been told that the so called "norm" for 12-17 weeks is 140-180 but like most things in pregnancy, I'm sure that differs from person to person. I mistook my own heartbeat for the babys heartbeat the first two times I used the doppler and I totally panicked. I finally found it by lying down flat, legs side by side with my feet together, propped my head up with a pillow so I could see my belly, layed the doppler "base" on my legs and it was easier to find that way. Make sure to use a really good amount of the ultrasound gel because if you don't and there is any resistance at all it is very easy to pa__s up the babys heartbeat. Start right below your belly b___ton and slowly move the doppler down pressing firmly, but not enough to cause discomfort. Always try to find the heartbeat by aiming the doppler from top to bottom as your looking at it ("my doctor said it's easier to find that way.) Slowly rock the doppler back and forth gently from side to side. You will hear the babys heartbeat pretty faint at first but once you move the doppler around a bit more it should tune in quite nicely. Always remember that the little ones heartbeat sounds like galloping horses to where ours does not. If the heartbeat you are finding is 110 or less, it is more than likely yours, so keep looking for your little ones. My baby still likes to try to hide right above my pelvic bone and can be really hard to find/hear sometimes, but once you find it, you will always be able to tell the difference between yours and the babys from there on out. Best of luck hon.



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