Fetal Pole But No Heartbeat

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ChristiDawn - November 6

I am in the same position. On the 20 I took a pt and it was negative but on the 28ish I took another and it was positive. I made an appt. with my obgyn for the 11th of Oct. My appt went fairly well I had a va___al US and they saw the gest. yolk sac and scheduled another appt a week later. We were unsure of my last period and guessed on a due date. On my second visit the US showed one week of growth in the sac but that was all, the dr spoke to me about MC and scheduled an appt. for 2 weeks later. At this appt we saw a fetal pole but no heartbeat and my dr thinks I should be around 8-9 weeks and I'm only measuring 5-6 weeks. The dr thinks I need to decide what I want to do either a dnc or another method to expel the tissues. I am confused and worried. I'm unsure of what to do because we thought that I may have been earlier than expected and theres growth so why is there so much talk of MC. I have an appt in 2 weeks to follow up the last one to decide what to do. I'm hoping to hear a heartbeat by then. My dr told me to expect to have a MC naturally over the next 2 weeks but I haven't had any symptoms! One week to go until the appt. please pray for me!


ChristiDawn - November 19

UPDATE: I had another u/s today and what we thought was the fetal pole last visit has shrank. I have been diagnosed with a Blighted Ovum, after all this waiting and praying. I refused a D&C and have decided to use cytotec instead. Although I would rather have a natural miscarriage in due time I believe I have allowed my body plenty of time to let natue take it's course. I knew what to expect when I went in there today but I am still in shock. I do believe that what happens, happens for a reason. I pray for anyone in a situation similar to mine and hope for the best outcome. Christi


Lnngirl - December 5

Dear ChristiDawn, i am about 9 weeks pregnant, went for u/s and the doctor said my baby is gone,only yolk sac still there, She told me to take cytotec in the v____al. 4 pills, Can you tell me how long it take you to get cramp & bleeding and how long does the bleeding last?



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