Fetus Is Filled With Fetus

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catty114 - January 19

Hi everyone. My Aunt is in her early 40's and pregnant with her second child, she is approx ~19-20 weeks pregnant. in her most recent ultrasound it was revealed hat the baby was in the breached position and upon further inspection they were able to identify a "spark?" or "bright spot" near the baby's heart, which is an indicator for downs syndrome. she went in for further testing and even had an amnio(sp?) test done..the test said the baby doesn't have downs syndrome and tested negative for chromosome 13 and 18 i believe..so essentially nothing genetically wrong ..right? so what has the doctors and my aunt baffled is why the baby has retained excess fluid all over it's body; all limbs, and the head...the doctor said that the baby is essentially giving up on life and that if it were to survive the pregnancy it would only have a year max to live. They advised her to terminate the pregnancy but knowing that there is nothing wrong genetically she is extremely confused. so, i was wondering if anybody experienced the same thing or knows of somebody who has..i would really appreciate some insight on the situation. since there is a slight language barrier between my aunt and the doctor I feel like she's not understanding the diagnosis. Thank you..anything will be helpful


Chris1975 - January 20

Hi there...im sorry to hear your aunts story. Personally, I would be getting a 2nd opinion from a 2nd ultrasound and OB/GYN. I would try to find someone who your aunt can understand clearly...and wouldnt tell them what you already have found out until they make their own diagnosis. Good luck and i truly hope that the dr is wrong


annab - January 20

to me this is very strange.,..if an amnio was done and it showed negative for trisomy 13, 18 and 21, then why would the doctor say the baby only has one year to live which is normally a__sociated with trisomy 18 ? I would definetely get a second opinion...the last thing you would want to do is terminate a pregnancy only to find out the baby is healthy. Did the doctor label the condition the baby has ?


Hopeful3 - January 20

I agree that your aunt should get a 2nd opinion. Also, if your aunt can't get another OB/GYN, maybe she should enlist the help of a translater. This would clear any confusion of the diagnosis and allow both her and her doc to ask and answer any questions concerning this pregnancy. Good luck and I hope that everything turns out okay.


tish212 - January 24

I believe her dr has probably listed the baby as a failure to thrive... BUT that is no reason to terminate... several children are diagnosed that way and with proper care and support they do thrive. she should get a second opinion... and even though the dr says the baby will only survive a year I personally would want to spend that time with my child especially after carrying the child that long.as for the translation aspect... there is a hotline she can call while in the drs office to translate for her...its the same one hospitals use when they can't get a translator in time... (so call the hospital for it) both my sil and my hubbies cousin were told that their children def had downs...they went through with their pregnancies and both delievered fully healthy babies that did NOT have downs... so not all the diagnosis that drs give u are correct.... gl keep us posted!


RoseIsMe - February 18

Looking at this from another angle, maybe the doctor is seeing her age before anything else and then looking for problems. I say this because I have rheumatoid arthritis and recently discovered I am pregnant. My regular physician was VERY quick to tell me my pregnancy was ectopic, and it turned out to not be- but not before causing me great heartache. He keeps telling me he's being positive and having faith, but at the same time seems to be expecting big problems. I definently suggest another opinion, more if she needs it. A baby is a human life and terminating it based on one person's perception could be a huge mistake. Doctor's are human too and capable of error.



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