Fetus Measuring Small So Worried

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Janimal - October 28

I got pregnant by IVF, so my dates aren't off. On Wednesday I was exactly 7 weeks. We had an ultrasound on Friday and the baby measured at 6 weeks, with a h/b of 104. The doctor said this indicates either late implantation or a chromosomal problem. I am having a hard time believing it's late implantation, because I tested positive on an HPT just 6 days after embryo transfer. We go back on Friday for another ultrasound. I don't know how to make it through this week. After all the infertility treatments, to finally have success, I am not ready for this to be over. Any input is appreciated. I know there is a chance everything is ok - but I am terrified of the real possibility it might not be.


Tory1980 - October 29

It is not uncommon fot he u/s to measure the baby a week behind or ahead and especially at this point since it is so tiny. Don't panic just yet. As for the heartbeat, we don't get that measured here during and u/s so I can't really help you on that front. Being scared is normal but try and relax as much as possible. I hope you have more answers this Friday.


jilo77 - October 29

My friend measured two weeks behind on every u/s of her pregnancy from day one. She knew when she conceived so she knew she had her dates right. She even failed her quad screening and showed a high incidence of her baby having downs. Well, long story short, she has a very healthy little 5 month old who was just on the small side. I know it is hard not to worry but I think sometimes babies can be late bloomers. My son on the other hand was always a week and a half bigger on every u/s and was 9 lbs at birth. The u/s can flucuate and be off sometimes. Best of luck to you!!!


auntbuby - October 29

Hi. I had several markers for chromosonal problems including short femur, white bowel (echogenic bowel) and small for gestational age (all before 19 weeks). The doctors definitely thought this baby (my 3rd - 1'm 40 today) ) had downs. But, I had an amnio and the good news is it came back normal. And now at 30 weeks the white bowel has cleared up on its own and everything else caught up too. So really, TRY not stress too much and maybe consider an amnio. Best of luck.


Janimal - November 2

We went back today, one week later. No more heartbeat. D&C is Monday. So sad.



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