Fever During Pregnancy

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nicole - March 1

Is it normal to run a low temp. during pregnancy? I have been running one of about 99.1-99.5 almost every day


erica - March 1

Me too! I have also been prone to catch colds and strep since I became pregnant..so that hasnt helped either...but I also have pretty much had a consistent fever around 99-99.9


jeo - April 2

I have had 99,-99.4 all day, even with Tylenol... do you take tylenol...?


maria - April 11

I have fever since I got pregnant. I've been taking Tylenol and now I have a bad caugh and sore throat. I'll see the doct. again tomorrow. This worries me a lot


Felisha - April 29

Since the pollen has came into town (ha ha). I have had problems with sneezing, running nose, coughing, sore throat, and some chills. My doctor told me to take tylenol, but that doesnt work. I am afraid of getting a fever. Is their anything I need to worry about during my 26th week and having a fever?


Audrea - April 29

A slightly elevated temp. in pregnancy is normal and expected. It should be around 1 degree higher than what you normally run. For me it has been between 99.3-99.8. This is expected because of the baby making factory is in full force. I have read up a lot on this and everything suggests this is normal. I would say, however, if it goes higher then it is not good for the fetus. Anything over 100 should be reported to your doctor. Infections can transfer through to the fetus and should be taken care of as soon as possible. Hope this helps.


dennis - June 3

what will be the effect if the mother have a fever during pregnancy on 9th month? what will be the risk factor for the unborn child?


andrea - June 4

I'm only 7wks along but have had a temperature of 99.4 - 100.4 (depending on my level of activity) for the past 4 1/2 weeks. My OB has run all sorts of blood work ~ have any of you come up as CMV positive? From what my OB says it's an illness from children in daycare or kindergarden age group... I'm curious if there is a connection. Also, neither Tylenol or Ibuprofrene help.


just me - June 4

I suffered a miscarriage at 41/2 weeks. My fever was around 99.4 and fluctuated a bit lower to 99.0....I am not sure if I had a bug at the time.



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