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haha10 - May 26

Hi Girls, A little background about me, I'm 37 and my DH and I have been TTC'ing for our first for 1.5 years. Got pregnant 3 times on our own, 1st one was a chemical. 2nd one was an a misdiagnosed ectopic pregnancy which I ended up getting methotrexate but passed the tissue on my own 2 weeks later then they said the pregnancy was intrauterine (another whole nightmare). The 3rd one was just this past month, another chemical pregnancy. I've always been known that I have 5 fibroids since the first MC. None in the uterus. 2 (5 cm) ones subserosal on the outside and 3 (3 cm) ones in the uterine walls. Have done numerous tests, HSG, saline sonogram and my RE said they are not interfering with the pregnancies and should not be removed. They also checked everything else on me and DH, tons of bloodwork, nothing abnormal. About 2 months ago, I started to feel this pelvic pressure on the right side when my AF came. I felt a lump and turned out to be one of the subserosal fibroid. Did an MRI to confirm that 5 fibroids were present. So now, I saw a few different doctors regarding this fibroid and got totally different opinions. My RE still said to leave them alone and not to have surgery, she doesn't think the location of these fibroids affect my fertility (but what about the miscarriages?? What about the pressure I feel every month??). 1 OB said to remove the 2 that are outside (subserosal) using da vinci robotic to relieve the pressure symptoms (and sometimes bladder pressure) but to leave the 3 in the walls so it won't cause uterine damage that much. I have no idea what to do. I've been crying a lot and desperately needing an answer. I'm not scared of the pain of the surgery but I'm afraid of it causing more damage than without doing it. I'm also afraid of leaving the 3 fibroids there and then get pregnant to make things very complicated. The surgeon seems confident that removing the 2 large subserosal fibroids will relieve my symptoms...has anyone gone through a myomectomy but NOT removing all the fibroids??



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