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clindholm - July 25

A coworker just informed me that her son came down with this last weekend (parvovirus) and I told me OB. She sent me for bloodwork today and I will need another on Monday. Does anyone know how dangerous this could be to my baby? I am 20 weeks. Thanks.


thejr2913 - July 25

I had the same situation with 3 girls on my DD soccer. I called my Dr. she said something like 60-70% of adults are immune to it. The kids are contagious in the the 28 days before they get the rash. My Dr. offered a simple blood test that would check my immunity towards it. Until a friend of mine reminded me that she gave me 5th disease in 4th grade. Upon hearing that the dr said I am immune since I had it. Luckily it was 4 weeks last Thursday for us since my kids last exposure and none of the 3 of them got it. I was 23 weeks when we had the exposure. I hope your blood work comes back good. Also, were you exposed to the child or just to your coworker? If just your coworker ask if she has already had it? My exposure and kids exposure was several times. I was teaching the one girl to swim she got it 3 days later we had also had 3 playdates at our house and 1 at hers in the week before, other girl got it had play date at house and DD had 2 play dates at her house she got it 6 days later, and the last one was at a grad party. I sat beside the girl and my kids played on the swings.


FrancesM - July 25

Both of my niece's children had it and I was around them all weekend a few months ago. I had to do blood work too and was immune. She is newly pg and she was immune as well. I think that since you are so far along, you should be ok. Good luck.


blessedwith4 - July 25

Hi there. I have 4 kids and was exposed to it in 2 of my pregnancies.. Talk about bad luck. In my first exposure it was actually my own oldest child that had it, SO i WAS REALLY, REALLY EXPOSED. My first set of bloods showed that I have never had it and was not immune. I was really upset. I was 6 weeks pregnant at the me. The risk at that point in time was miscarriage. I never did catch it, but had multiple blood testings through out to confirm. Then was I was pregnant with my third, I volunteered to go on a school outing in my other childs kinderagarten cla__s, and the child I sat beside on the bus got it that night. So again, all the bloodwork, and I still had no immunity and had to do a series of bloodwork all again. This time I was 16 weeks and the issue was more along the lines of the baby having amemia issues. Thank goodness again, I never caught it. I would wait and see what your bloods show. Most people have antibodies to this and its rare not too. Chances are you'll be fine. If not a fetal medicine dr is who you'll see to get everything in order. Good luck


clindholm - July 28

Thanks everyone for the input. I was not exposed directly to her son, just her. Is there always a rash when someone actually has it? I have not seen a rash on her although she did complain of not feeling well for 2 days (and she looked terrible) Blessedwith4- wow you really did have some bad luck, I'm glad it all turned out well. I will go for my second blood test this afternoon and hope for the best. Colleen


clindholm - July 29

Well, my co-worker came in today and she has the rash which appears to be a definate sign that she has this. I am so scared now.


thejr2913 - July 29

How soon before you get your blood work results? Try to stay calm until you get that information. Were they able to tell you anything from the 1 set of bloodwork?


clindholm - July 29

I called the doctor and I'm still waiting for a call back. The receptionist from the office called me and said she didn't see my results back yet which is bs because the lab I went to has a 24 hour turn around. I really hope I get a call today.


TaraO - August 3

hope everything is going ok - I hope they didn't make you wait through the weekend - let us know how you make out - TARA


clindholm - August 4

Hi Tara- just found out today that I'm immune. I'm so happy, the weekend was pretty scary waiting for results that I was supposed to get on Thursday. What is wrong with these doctors, do they not know the worry we go through? How is your pregnancy going?



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