First Pregnancy And So Worried

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Young and Worried - March 1

I am nine weeks. My symptoms at about 5 - 8 weeks were nausea, (some, but little) vomiting, slightly swollen br___ts and tender nipples, tiredness and slight pulling in the abdomen. Now I am not vomiting but maybe once this week, nausea isn't too bad, br___ts are still swollen and nipples still a bit tender, still tired but not as much and no pulling feeling, just a little firm a few inches below my belly button (but then again I worked out alot before I was pregnant). Is it normal for the symptoms to begin to fade at this point? I am so worried because I was told by one person that the pre-natal vitamins can make the symptoms less noticable and make you feel better, and then told by another person that it means miscarriage. Someone please give me some advice. i go to the Dr's tomorrow, but I am climbing the walls with worry!!!!!


Skyes momma and proud to be :) - March 1

Trust me it is totally normal! The vomiting, totally normal, drink lots of fluids, and eat crackers(soda crackers) The swollen b___st and nipples are totally normal too, chicky you are having a baby your body is prepairing itself! Pulling at the abdomin and tightness is normal as well, your stomach muscles are streaching, I had full abs before I got pregnant, and as I started streaching I was down on the floor holding my stomach! I had a perfect healthy delievery. Also prenatal pills made me really sick I had to take half in the morning and half at night, these pills are harsh :) But you need them! Just make sure you have a full stomach and drink a gla__s of milk with them! They need to be taken with lots of water and on a full tum tum! Just remember there is a little life growing inside of you taking all your energy! You need to relax, eat and drink and just take it easy! Being worried all the time and stressing is not good for the baby or you! Baby needs you to be happy! Pregnancy is not only beautiful but painful and uncomfortable as well! And trust me, nap when you feel tired your body and baby really, really need this! I would only worry about a miscarage if you have sever bleeding and uncontrollable pains that send you on the floor all the time! And make sure you are eating right, you could have gas as well! Gas makes you feel sick! Eat lots of veggies and fruit, grains and fun stuff! No fast, fried fatty foods!!! No pops or caffinated drinks!!! Caffeine speeds up babies heart rate and is not good! Take care and chill out! Enjoy! :)


Leslie - March 1

I'm at 11 weeks with my first pregnancy and my only symptoms were swollen/very tender b___sts and frequent urination. Around 9 weeks the soreness eased up and I spoke to my OB last Friday about it. She said that symptoms can begin to ease around the third month. I hope this helps some...this is a new experience for me as well!



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