Five Week Ultrasound Showed Empty Sac

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fabistuff - February 20

i went for an ultrasound two days ago. my dr. thought i was 8 weeks and he didnt see anything. he referred me to a hospital for a high tech scan and they found i was five weeks but still saw an empty sac. i heard the dr say he thought the pregnancy wasnt viable, but is it too soon to determine that? he was not hopeful at all but i want to believe it may be too soon to see anything. when should we see a fh?


Bumblebee - February 20

fabistuff - Sorry to hear tht. I do hope it is too soon to say that, but usually (I think) if the doc says it isn't viable, it probably sadly isn't. But still, I do hope he plans to contine tracking your hcg levels and do another u/s to make sure. If hcg's start falling or rising, that gives a lot of info. Keep checking, keep hope, and I pray it will turn well for you.


fabistuff - February 20

thank you bumblebee, i appreciate your response. he suggested another ultrasound and i asked for additional hcg levels. he didnt think that was necessary, but i do. the results two weeks ago were 7000 - on par with a 4 week pregnancy. so hopefully, things will come together this weekend with more tests and more praying. thanks again. it really means a lot to know there is support.


Bumblebee - February 21

I am so glad you are asking to cont. checking your hcg even tho he doesn't think it's needed. Stick with what you feel will give u best info to feel certain of what's happening with your body. I am glad he's doing another u/s. U sure about your dates? I know it is a difficult wait - each moment feels like forever when you're waiting for the tests. Sometimes I just don't care to be tested just so I can forget about it. I went in for my blood test yesterday and don't even want to hear the results..... well, I do, but it's a crazy energy drain to have so many constant daily/weekly reminders. I was told I will m/c anytime in a week or so... and now I am trying to keep myself mentally and emotionally prepared for it... I know I will still lose it when it actually happens. What a drama!! Wish u the best FABI !!!


fabistuff - February 21

Thanks Bumblebee. It is a complete emotional and physical drain to just wait. i insisted on the blood test even though he wanted to call it a mis. i just need to be sure. I went for the blood test this morning and hope to get results tomorrow. but it may be later. my sister, who is an ultrasound tech, didn't sound too positive when looking at the film but agreed that waiting is the best answer right now. i respect your decision to wait for it to happen naturally, but i can imagine it is so painful on your heart. i'm going through so many ups and down, as i am sure you are also. what i am trying to do is believe that there is an answer to all of this and that we will be rewarded with the gift of motherhood one way or another. it sounds corny, i know, but that is how i am dealing with it.


RyanswifeAllie - February 21

Hey there....if you are only 5 weeks then it's too early to see much. I had an US at 5 weeks, 2 days and we only saw a sac.... two weeks later, there was a heartbeat and everything. Are you really eight weeks??? I would wait until the second ultrasound...... If you are only 5 weeks then it is TOO early.


Bumblebee - February 22

Did you get your blood test results today? I just got mine, and the hcg's are dropping! But I have had a week to prepare for this and was expecting this... LEt me know.. Hoping for best for u..


fabistuff - February 23

i did get mine and they were just under 11000. i was so happy to hear that but my doctor said that while it is good news, it is not confirmation since we didnt see anything yet. so i am on my way now for an u/s but will still be not quite 6 weeks, so i am not sure how much more i will see or know. but at least it is some kind of information. i just wish my doctor was more positive or at least tried to fake being positive. how are you feeling bumblebee? i know emotionally there are not words to describe, but physically, are you okay?


Bumblebee - February 23

Hi Fabi- I'm ok. Just went to acupuncture session this morning. Grilled him about making sure we're doing all the right things w/ this and herbals and prepare well for next pg. Anyway, for now, need to m/c and it is still not willing to show it's face. I should enjoy my energy while I can.. Thanks. I am happy to hear of your high hcg's and look forward to a good u/s report soon.


fabistuff - February 25

saw a yolk sac on an unofficial untrasound saturday. i say unofficial because it was me in my sister's office with her scanning on the sly. her measurements show me at just 5 weeks and a few days, so officially, i have an appt on thursday at the local hospital to figure this out.


Imhealed - April 3

fabistuff, I went to the doctor's office this morning and had a v____al u/s, and they saw my sac, and measured the sac to be only 5 weeks. Of course they drew more blood and I go back next week for another v____al exam. I am still trusting God's report. My levels went from 3/17 -15.0 to 3/20-83.6 to 3/24-660.0 to 3/31-11250. Those are my hcg levels and dates blood was drawn. So as I stated, I'm still trusting God that he going to give me a healthy baby boy/girl. Honey, put your trust in the Lord, yes Thank God for doctors, but God has the final say so. Let's all pray one for another. Keep the faith!!!!!!!



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