For Quot N Quot With The Quot Stones Quot And Daughter W Leukemia

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Jessy - May 11

go to and get the book by Kevin Trudeau called: NATURAL CURES "THEY" DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW...there IS a cure for cancer..chemo is "iffy" but there is more hope than your doctor can give you...I'm sorry to say these "natural" cures are suppressed by the FDA, FTC, drug companies and other organizations because they are not "patentable" and therefore "they" cannot make any money off of them...but because the FDA is a government-run organization...hospitals cannot use or prescribe anything not "approved" by the FDA...did you know it takes 280MILLION dollars to have anything "approved" by the FDA? And they will not even test somthing that was not "FORMULATED" in a if say someone wanted to test a "natural resource" such as vitamin E for the prevention of heart disease would have to "somehow" "patent" vitamin E and front 280million for the testing to be done in "government labs" so the government has complete control over HOW the testing is they may not approve it for some dumb reason that they won't disclose to the general's not your doctor's fault that he doesn't know or can't provide you with this information...he/she was trained in the field of "medicine" and can only prescribe medicine (or procedures like chemotherapy) that have been approved by governement organizations...and when a new one comes out..these doctors are sent for more training in the understanding of THAT drug as well..but are they trained in the understanding of all the natural minerals, vitamins and herbs found in the world around us? No, because those things are NOT your doctor, nurses and hospital are well-meaning (unless in some cases you can't pay your bill..depending on the hospital) but just are not trained in the understanding of these don't think I'm a health-freak that's totally against drugs, doctors and so forth..but when their medicine fails and all they can do is prescribe drinking water and more's because they can't direct you to a vitamin supplement made by some independant laboratory because that laboratory is not the FDA's government laboratory, your doctor is just "following the rules" and "doing their job" as regulated by the ones who issue their Doctor's license (to practice medicine)...I don't know if you were going to read my answer to your question in the "stones" question, so I just HAD to say somthing...but read my other response as well, it provides help for the stones..but you just GOT to get this book, because if your daughter has leukemia and your other children are getting sick as well all the need to arm yourself with the knowlege you need to live a healthy life...I care, it's awful to see such pain and suffering for no reason at all...except that these HUGE companies want us all to stay SICK, OVERWEIGHT, AND IN their food will be sold to the fat, their drugs and medicines sold to the sick and in pain, and keeping the hospitals open by their ever-returning cancer/AIDS/diabetic GOD HELP US..these drug companies have ONE RESPONSIBILITY SPELLED OUT BY THE SHAREHOLDERS...TO INCREASE PROFITS.....HOW WILL THEY DO THAT UNLESS THE PEOPLE STAY SICK(you heard me...STAY sick) their drugs cannot CURE patients, or they will lose patients to take that drug, and the industry will lose get the picture! Their responsibilty is to MAKE MORE MONEY FROM RETURNING CUSTOMERS, NOT TO CURE YOU!! They claim that herpes cannot be cured and then want you to take their "breakout drug" "FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE" get the picture? And yet HERPES IS CURABLE....please get that book...knowlege IS POWER..get that power...God Bless you, and your sweet children, I can't stand to see people sick if they don't have to be...



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