Found Cyst On Baby 18 Week Scan

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Tasha - May 26

Hi, Im 23 weeks now and they said at my 18 week scan there was the cyst on the head that can be linked to Trisomy 18, but since nothing else was wrong( all other scans including downs detection) was normal and the baby is developing normally that this is just something that will most likely go away...but of course I am now so worried!! Anybody been through this with positive outcome? My doctor said they dont even track it anymore, like no more ultrasounds, so she didnt sound worried and told me not to...but why tell me??


clindholm - May 27

I had the same issue with my last pg. The cysts are called a "soft" marker, meaning that it is found in nomal babies as well as babies with Trisomy 18. There are several other signs that would have shown up on the ultrasound, some of which are, club foot, clenched fists, etc that would make it a little more likely that the baby had Trisomy. If that is all they found, I am sure your baby is alright. The reason that they will not scan again for it is because they resolve as the baby develops and it would not necessarily mean a negative or positive. I know what you're going through and it's very scary. My daughter was born just perfect and she had the cysts as well. Did they give you the odds based on your bloodwork? Please try not to worry too much. I hope I helped ease your mind a little.


Tasha - May 27

Thank you, it did help. That is what they called it, a soft marker, and they said that is all that there was, the heart, the feet, the hands, the organs were all developing perfectly. She didnt give odds on blood work, but Ive only had blood taken at the very beginning, like around 13 weeks. She said the Nuceal translucency(sp?) test was good, and a very low low percentage for downs and apparently that would of been higher. Thank you for your response you've eased my mind a bit. There is nothing I can do right now anyway.


clindholm - May 28

If that is the only marker and the NT scan went well, your baby doesn't have T18. The NT scan is also looking for T18. Congratulations on your little one, please don't let this ruin the rest of your pregnancy the way it did for mine. The doc I had did not tell me it was a soft marker or tell me that other markers would be obvious. Talk to your doc about the blood work, they usually pair it with the scan.


annab - May 28

my baby had three cysts and was born perfectly fine...don't let the doctors scare you with trisomy 18.... normally with trisomy 18, there are MANY many markers and it is very RARE.


jilo77 - May 28

My son was diagnosed with two CPC's at his 18 week u/s. He is now 2 months old and perfect! You would definetly see T18 with alot more markers on u/s. These cysts are a normal variant and only a soft marker for trisomy 18. Unfortunately, technology is a double edge sword. We see so much which is good but we almost see too much. KWIM??? Best of luck and try to enjoy your pregnancy.



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