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tina - March 29

i am 25weeks pregnant. I went for my ultrasound at 18 weeks it came back that my baby's kidneys are a little bigger than they should be so I was sent for another ultrasound and the kidney's are still a little too big and she has a spot on her heart which are both markers for down syndrome. she is perfectly healthy otherwise and everything else measures up normally. has anyone had more than one marker and their baby was born healthy. i am worrying so much it is making me sick.


Heather - March 29

How old are you? Can they do an amnio?


tina - March 29

I am 29. I don't want to do an amnio because at this point I could have a still birth or go into preterm labour.


taylor - March 30

what is the next step? Are they going to send you for another u/s??? Did you do the maternal serum screening???


tina - March 30

I didn't do any of the screening in the beginning and now it is too late. I have to wait two months for my next u/s and really until my baby is born i won't know for sure. They told me the two markers could just go away by the next u/s and may not.


D - March 30

I've been trying to find some research for you on google, and its pretty hard to wade through all that and find anything to help! What I did gather is that basically, each marker you have just increases the % chance of downs. There is a section on ultrasound on this website: (there is a - between ds and health, if the computer adds any more delete them!) I found a highly technical study on the risks of downs with the different markers typically seen. It looks to me like you might be able to calculate risk with the info provided - IF you can wade through it and figure out what they're saying! (no -'s in this one, the _ is ok...) I personally believe there is always room for hope and miracles! I have heard of babies with absolutely positive downs diagnoses being normal. I wish I could find something that will help! I hope your next u/s shows everything normal!


debbie - March 30

hi i have been to the hospital today to dissucus having a amnio due to my results being 1 in 60 chance i spoke to a midwife who explained everything i asked about a scan and the markers and she said it aint 1oo% 1 women had 4r markers and everything was fine when she gave birth . another had no signs at all and gave birth to a downs baby. the only sure way to know is with a amnio which is out of the question for u . so just keep thinking positive and i wish u luck


tina - March 30

I would just like to say to all of you thank you for taking the time to respond it is definately making me feel better to know that there are people who care. The father left me when I was 4 months and so I am doing this alone, now I don't feel so alone.


tina - March 30

debbie. why did they give you a 1 in 60 chance?? I hope that everything works out with you. Are you going to have the amnio?? The amnio scares me so much. I will still love my little pumpkin no matter what I just don't want her to have to go through this. It can't be an easy life.


Kate - March 30

Tina, Whatever happens she is still you beautiful little pumpkin and you will love her more than anything, especially if she has a disability. Downs syndrome children are the most beautiful loving affectionate children you could ever meet. Despite what I have just said I hope your next u/s prooves ok. Best of luck to you and 'boo' to the man who left you at 4 months.



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