Gallbladder Attack At 27 Weeks

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Shirl - April 20

I was sent to the E.R today by my doctor who suspected that I had kidney stones. After a kidney ultrasound, stones were ruled out. I was sent home with no explaination for 12 hours of unbearable pain in my right side and back, along with nausea, fever and chills. I was prescribed Tylenol 3 and sent home. I am now thinking that it might be my gallbladder after researching on the internet. Has this happened to anyone else? I am very concerned about any harm this might do to the baby. While hooked to baby fetal monitor I experienced severe pain and the baby's heartbeat elevated to 180 bpm.


Tara - March 11

I was just diganoised with some gallbaldder problems and I'mm 21 weeks pregnant. They're scheduling my surgery for gallbladder remove within 2 weeks. I'm not a dr. but I think you have my exact symptoms. My OB/GYN diagnoised it at my appointment just because of the location of my severe pain. I had bloodwork yesterday, saw a surgeon today, and have an ultrasound of my gallbladder tomorrow. If there are any stones or "sludge" in the gallbladder, they are taking it out.


Susan - March 21

I am presently 36 wks and have been diagnoised with KIDNEY stones since I was 2 mo. preg. The single stone that is in the rightside is 3CM in dia.- and untill I was preg. I had NO idea I had such a thing, no pain. no infection that I knew of, or burning etc... It has been a long road on constant antibiotics and every 2 mo. I go in to E.R and am admitted for infection of the kidney- so thats five days in on I.V. Overall it has been the biggest pain (literally) but it is survivable and as long as they monitor your pain pills and or anti. it is possible to carry full term and deliver a healthy kid. OH yea- an interesting thought told to me by my O.B- is that since I have had such long term anti. and stress due to infections then the baby is 85% more likely to be breathing in utro and ready to come out early. That is what they will do... they have decided to induce labor at 38 wks. and to remove stone, to prevent any long term chances and or damage.Any one ever heard of a 3 CM stone going undetected by patient?


Mals - April 20

I am now 36 week pregnent, had 2 gallbladder attacks. one at 31st week & was in hospital for a week & Just I.V & antibiotics. again at 35th week had the same attack & was in hospital for a week. this time i am on strict diet , so hoping i will be able to hold on to my baby till 37 th to 38th week as gallbladder stone will induce contractions..



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