Gallstones During Pregnancy

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Annie22 - January 17

Hello all, I am 29 weeks and have been suffering from gall stone attacks since halloween. They have been incresingly more frequent now that the baby is getting bigger, i've been getting them every week now for the past month. I'm taking tylenol 3s with codine for the pain, because they are supposed to be safe. I've been to the er 4 times now, but i'm getting better at managing the pain. My surgery will take place after I have the baby. Stacey, I read quite a few things that say coffee is supposed to help dissolve gall stones, I hope that is true, and don't worrry about b___stfeeding and drinking coffee, they havent' been able to prove that it affects the baby in any way.


Chrystal06 - January 20

My older sister had gallstones as well as kidney stones with her first child but she had morning sickness the whole time and was in and out of the hospital. Two months after she had him she had her gallblder removed.


carolmel - March 12

Hi girls! I found this Forum when I found out I had gallstones and was pregnant, so I decided to write and share a little of my story. After seeing a couple of different doctors, my GP, along with my ob and a surgeon decided that the best option would be for me to have the surgery. I had many small stones that could easily move into the ca___l that conects to the stomach and my ob said the risk of having a complication (like pacreat_tis) was far greater than the risk of the surgery. They do have great new anesthetics that will not harm the baby and they have to take some extra precautions, like not inflating your belly too much (they do it for keyhole surgery to have more room to work). I had the surgery 2 weeks ago, right in the beginning of my second trimester (the doctor said it was the best time). I was very apprehensive, but everything went well and the baby is fine. I did have surgery with one of the best surgeons in the country even if he wasn´t covered by my health plan, but I had to be a__sured. I am pretty much recovered and feel great now! Good luck to you all.


xs_xy-mamax - December 21

hiya gals, im emmie and i found out i had gall stones when i was 3 months pregnant. i am now 29 weeks pregnant, and have had 6 attacks this week some being 2 in a day, im in so much pain and am scared to eat anythink my baby kicking about in there so he is obv ok, my doctor just told me to take a codine when i have an attack but its not working does any one have any ideas? i need help as its killing me. xxx


gwenllian111 - March 17

I have had gall stone pains for years, but it's worse during this pregnancy (my 3rd). I've had morphine for when the pain becomes unbareable...but I want them to just take the gall bladder out now. I'm 20 weeks now, but they say the risk of m/c is too high. However, i'm having surgery for something different in a couple of weeks anyway, i just wish they'd whip the gall bladder out while i'm under a general anaesthetic!!!! But as for pain relief, morphine is the only thing that works for me....and helps me pa__s that particular stone, too.


lonina - June 12

hi...i'm at 19 weeks,doc" said i prob have gallstone so waiting for scan to confirm in two week. Doc' gave med' named TRAMADOL to ease the pain till scan but med' was so strong,ifeel dizzy..headage..sweating and no power feel like to fade down.I found out next day at phamarcy that this med' not recommended to pregnancy.I'm so angry and wori that it might harm my little girl. I'm very worried cos i'm so in pain almost everyday even now.I dont think i can wait till the scan cos i decide not to take that med' anymore..Its so painful.What should i do???


audrey22 - August 15

Hi, my name is Audrey I recently found out I'm 7 weeks pregnant with gallstones. I dont know much about gallstones so I'm kinda of worried. This will be my third pregnacy,but my first with gallstones. I was wondering if some one can help me to figure out a right diet reguarding my issues. Thanx so much..


rkaisin - March 10

Hi there, I know this thread is really old now but it's sooooo relevant to me at this point in my life and pregnancy. I've literally just had my 3rd attack (it started an hour ago). I had never had any gallstone pain before 6 weeks ago. I knew I was pregnant, but the urine tests were still coming up negative. (When you've had as many pregnancies as me, you tend to know when you're pregnant. hahaha. ;P )Anyway, I went to the emergency room twice because of the pain, the first time, pregnancy unconfirmed at 3 weeks, I was given panadeine forte (I dare say they'd be the same sort of thing as Lortabs) and the pain went away, so I didn't stick around in the ER when I had 2 small children at home who need me too. The second time I got seen to almost immediately, and I'm sure it was because my pregnancy, at 7 weeks, had been confirmed by that stage. That was two weeks ago and the gallstones were confirmed. There was 5 billion in there, well, maybe only 15 or 20, but it feels like 5 billion. hehe. My pain goes from a 1 to a 10 within 5 minutes and takes a good hour to ease down to an 8, but then ranges from an 8 - 10 until I take something for it. The doctors told me they would only operate if a stone was blocking the duct completely and making it inflammed. I've spoken to a few of my friends who have had gallstones both during and immediately after pregnancy, and they all agree that it's definitely worse during pregnancy, one of my friends even ending up with daily pain attacks towards the end of her pregnancy!!!! I don't know if I can handle that! Not only do I have 2 small children, Jack's 3.5 and Bianca's 2, but if I keep taking these tablets for the attacks, surely it's going to affect the baby?!! I'd really like to hear from any of you ladies about how the rest of your pregnancy was with the pain attacks and what helped ease them or lengthen the time between them. I hope everything turned out well for each of you with your babies. Sincerely, Rochelle. xox


ross376 - March 13

Hi Rochelle, I'm sorry to hear that you are having the gallbladder attacks. They are so painful and I can't imagine having them when pg. I originally posted my story in January 2007. I had attacks prior to my pg and at the very early stages (didn't even know I was pg then and the test in the ER was negative). By the time I was ready to have the surgery, the surgeon didn't want to do it because I knew I was pg. I didn't end up having any attacks for the rest of my pg, but I DRASTICALLY changed my diet. I avoided all saturated fats, which means most meat, cheese, chocolate, salad dressings, mayo, etc. By avoiding those high fat foods I was able to avoid the attacks. I had extra weight to lose and ended up weighing less the day I gave birth, then I did at 8 weeks into the pg. After I gave birth, I began to eat some of those foods again and ended up having several attacks. 8 weeks postpartum I went in and had the stupid gallbladder removed once and for all. I'm so glad I did! If you are willing to change your diet, then you may be able to make it the rest of your pg without incident. Let me know if I can give other suggestions. Stephanie


Anis - February 17

Hello i am 18weeks pregnant, and have gallbladder stones.. What must i do.. Removed my gallbladder now or wait until deliver the baby?


sali - March 12

Hi all. Thank you for this thread! I have developed gallstones after my first pregnancy, but (thankfully) have only had one severe attack. Since I was finding it hard to wrap myself around the idea of surgury when theres no major pain, I avoided it, but now that we are wanting to have another child, I am debating it again. After reading all these posts, i'm thinking its much better to get it done before any potential pregnancies and complications:(


Amanda0886 - July 29

Hello I am here to share my story with you ladies. I am now 33 weeks pregnant last week at 32 weeks pregnant I was rushed by ambulance to the hospital from my Jon for what we thought was labor pains but turned out to be gallstones. My levels were very high as well so they decided to do emergency surgery. I (just like the rest of you) was scared to death to have this done being pregnant. They as well told me that I may have to have open surgery being as I was so far along but I didn't. They did it the other way which was great. But having the surgery did make me start contracting and made my babies heart rate drop severely. When I went in for recovery his heart rate at the time was only 115. My husband was told that it had dropped as low as 70 at times. That is very scary in itself. But by the next day he was back at having a heart rate of a steady 130 to 135. Which was good. I go today for my follow up to check on the contractions (which I still feel from time to time) and being as after surgery I had dilated 3 cm. I however have been going back and forth from the hospital since 24 weeks and they only treated it as mild contractions and stretching of the cervix and pelvic. They never once did an ultrasound for my gallbladder until I was needing emergency surgery. We both seem to be doing fine its just very painful after and while being pregnant. I must say I am very thankful thus far that is for sure. Mine was on the verge of rupturing which would have caused more harm then good to my baby. I pray for you ladies going through it I really do. Its a horrible feeling. 



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