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almost there... - April 15

I went to see my obstetrican today and I'm GBS + with three weeks to go. He said its common and treatable. Just wondering if anyone else has tested +...?


beth - April 15

I was + for GBS when I was pregnant. They gave me antibiotics during my delivery to protect the baby. He was born happy and healthy. The good thing is that they are aware of it and can plan accordingly. My dr. didn't really seem to think it was a big deal. So relax! And Good luck!!


Bella - April 17

I was GBS postive and I got antibiotics and the baby came out fine.


3 weeks to go - April 18

I also was tested positive for GBS at my 37th week check-up. My doctor rea__sured me everything will be fine - I just have to have an IV started with antibiotics when I go into labor. After reading up on it on the internet - positive results are pretty common. I am trying not to worry, but am glad they do the test so treatment is available. Good luck to you!!! I'm sure we both will have healthy babies!!!


Emily - April 28

I am a L+D nurse, your doctor obviously did not explain this very well to you. Group B strep is a bacteria that can normally live in the v____al/rectal area of some women. It is not harmful to you, it is not something that a woman "catches" like an STD for example, it is just a bacteria that can live there. The reason moms are tested for it is because it can be harmful to baby as baby pa__ses through the birth ca___l during delivery. So by knowing if a mom is GBS+, she can then be treated with antibiotics to help prevent infection in her newborn. Good Luck!


Hi - November 7

I am 9 weeks, I have GBS, a doctor prescribed to me Agmentin because I have some spotting, he says he wouldnt treat unless GBS may be the cause of spotting, I am afrain for my baby from antibiotic.


~*sunny*~ - November 8

The month I conceived I had a routine smear test at the Doctors mid cycle, it was picked up on this smear that I was GBS +, the Doctor stated it wouldn't be a problem until I had a baby, well surprise surprise, 2 weeks later I was back to tell him I was pregnant. He treated me with Amoxycillin, which is a safe antibiotic to use during pregnancy. At my hospital appointment with the Midwife my notes folder was clearly marked that I had GBS + and she was brilliant, explaining to me all about it, and answering all my questions, she did tell me that the antibiotics I was given would have had no effect on the baby nor on the GBS + either!!! Apparently 1 in 3 women have this, it just isn't picked up on until pregnancy, but as long as the medical team are aware of this and can administer IV Antibiotics when labour begins, at 4 hour intervals, the chances of the baby being healthy are very very high. It is better to know about this things before, so measures can be put into place to prevent any complications.


~*sunny*~ - November 8

~bangs my head~ And I just realised after I posted the date this original thread was started, some days I question why I ever crawled out of the warm cosy and welcoming place I call bed!! ~laughss~


HI - November 8

Thanks Sunny, What is the type of antibiotic you recieved (IV) during your deleivary, Say Hi to ur baby



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