GBS Positive Anyone

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Jenn2 - May 16

did anyone test positive for Group b strep? I got a positive result back today, and I know all it takes is a antibiotic to be administered during labor, but does anyone know much else about it? My doctor told me that about 40% to 50% of all women can be carriers (it does not mean you have strep b), and dont even know it. I have not heard much about it on this forum, and just wanted to hear from others.


sa__sifras - May 18

I did. I guess it can cause meningitis and pneoumonia in the newborn and they only treat it at the time of delivery since you are a carrier it would come back if they treated it right now. It doesnt hurt you or the baby otherwise. I guess it is an overgrowth of the bacteria we already have? Im not quite sure. I thought they tested at 35-37 wks, but I am 20 and they just told me I tested pos. I have looked up some stuff on but have not looked any further into it. Maybe some other women will have more info...


jackie07 - May 20

i have a 6 month old, i was positive, when i went to the hospital i was dialated to an 8 so they didnt have time to give me anything for it. they kept me and my baby a few extra days b/c of it, but they just gave him a shot and he is so perfect and healthy. also both my sisters were positive w/ thier babies, and they were fine too. its nothing to worry about aslong as its treated so the baby doesnt get it:)))


kee - June 12

GBS is present in about 25% of women. Some women have it in their urine but doctors may or may not treat it depending on the colony size. Its not normal v____al flora but you cant really say its abnormal when 25% of women have it. you may have it in one pregnancy and then not the next. Generally its asymptomatic and doesnt cause problems though its not impossible. the general consensus is to adminster antibiotics during labor just to make sure it doesnt pa__s to the baby, which rarely happens, but is serious. its quite normal to be GBS colonized so dont worry.


Roary - June 13

...15-40 % of women is the statistic I read, with about 3 in 1000 babies getting GBS, and only a further fraction of that 03% having serious health complications. ( Just for comparison, induction of a VBAC carries a 3 % risk of uterine rupture, 10 times the aforementioned risk of GBS to a newborn baby. ) Though, those GBS percertages are location/population dependent and oscillate. Risk factors include premature birth, premature membrane rupture (over about 14 hours without labour), a GBS + mother, etc. According to the CDC (NorthAmerican protocol) they blanket antibiotic people no matter if they have a high or low colony levels now (atleast as I stated, in the USA/Canada). The fact of the matter is that a premature baby will have a supressed immune response in general, and if exposed to GBS are more likely to have problems, but some full term babies do get hit by it. The reality is that until the early to (in some areas) mid 1990's they didn't test for GBS but worked around risk factors. There are three main types of antibiotics administered to women with GBS during labour. However, the OB/gyn community is now dealing with the added issue drug resistence... I hope someone else questions the use of, and wonders about the correlation between, main lined antibiotics on newborns--and increased resistence-- for 0.3% of cases where only a fraction of those lead to serious illness. Of course I do not approve of putting a baby's health needlessly at risk. All That said, I have had the GBS swab and am still waiting for my results, and in the end if I get a positive result, I likely will get the antibiotics. But, the topic is worth pondering.



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