Genital Warts HPV And Passing On To Babies

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Rachel - January 26

Just wondering if there are any mothers out there that have had genital warts after pregnancy. I was diagnosed with genital warts 7 months before I became pregnant - haven't had them since but my husband has. I had a breech baby and therefore had an elective c section - I know there is a slim/none risk passing the virus on the the baby during dilvery but what about after - such as during diaper changes, baths, or since I had a son -and we chose to circ_msize him i need to keep his p__s clean. Any mothers with the same concern or experienced advice? After reading the forum - I am relieved to know there are plenty of moms with the same condition!


Me - January 26

I was wondering about that too! I also had a son who is 6 months - I tried to research info on the web but found nothing about after pregnancy -


To Rachel - January 27

All they say is during an outbreak be sure to keep your hands very clean when handling your baby.


Confused - January 27

I would recommend checking with your OB/GYN as well as your pediatrician.


Hey - January 30

If you have a outbreak dont touch yourself then touch him, other then that you are fine and shouldnt worry


Rachel - January 30

Thanks for the info -


*** - February 15

Hi, my husband jut found out he has genital warts. I don't have any symptoms or even see it. I'm 8 weeks pregnant right now. I have a appt with my doctor next week will have him check me out. Is it possible for me to never to contract it ?? Or maybe later on in my pregnancy it will appear? Please someone answer me?


Me - February 15

TO *** : Hey I had the same problem - except I have warts before my pregnancy and my husband has had to outbreaks since. The warts did not appear at all during my pregnancy or after - I will have no outbreaks for 2 years this summer. Make sure you tell your doctor when you have your appointment and if you want to be extra sure do not have s_x until your husband gets his warts treated. Studies have shown that you have around a 60% chance of contracting them when a partner has them - but you never know warts are tricky little things - you may have already built a tolerance to them and your immune system can handle the virus dispite being exposed. One reason warts reappear or first appear in pregnancy is because are immune system is strained during those 9 months. So take a deep breath, relax and know that genital warts are a common problem and focus on staying healthy mentally and physically during your pregnancy! Congrats on your little one!



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