Genital Warts Nervous Wreck

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v - July 4

I just found out I have genital warts and I have to get a colposcopy. I am a worried mess- I feel disgusting and am scared that I will get cervical cancer or worse yet, pass this on to my baby. I feel horrible and I don't know what to do...


Bev - July 5

Goodness, don't worry at all about it. like 80% of the population carries the virus that causes genital warts. I think most people have it than don't have it. I have genital warts and herpes and it's never affected any part of my life other than making me wait a whole lot longer to have s_x with a partner. Put your worries to rest!!!


jackie - July 8

dont be nervous, i had them during my last prenanacy, out patient surgery took care of them. my baby is a very healthy 3 yr old


Harry - July 9

to bev, I would highly doubt that more people have genital warts and herpes than don't. To-V don't worry its treatable and managable. Your Dr. should be able to explain more about it to you.


V - July 13

Thanks everyone for making me feel better.


Curious - July 14

What can you use for genital warts when you are pregnant?


C - July 14

To V -- I am now 7 mos. pregnant and have had a recurrence of warts for about a month now. I am being treated by my doctor, who applies trichloroacetic acid to them every couple of weeks. It stings, but it is helping by killing the warts. During pregnancy, warts can also be treated by cryotherapy (freezing them off). It is not a serious complication to your pregnancy. I know how much it sucks to have them, but it can be treated safely. Also, to Harry -- not all people have warts, but between 50 - 70% of adults have HPV, the virus that can cause warts. Common!


C - July 14

Also, I forgot to mention that there are many different types of HPV, and the types that manifest as warts are not usually the kind that cause cervical cancer. Treatment is still advisable, though. Also, it is extremely rare that it can be pa__sed to the baby, and most women with genital warts can have a normal childbirth. C-section is recommended if the warts grow so big that they block the birth ca___l. In VERY rare cases, babies can get the warts on their vocal cords, but this is so uncommon that it is a risk that doctors will take and deliver the baby in the usual fashion. Pregnancy hormones can trigger warts to grow, or come back (if you had an earlier outbreak, like I did).



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