Genital Warts While Pregnant

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Augbaby06 - May 18

Hi..I am new to this site..i am 18 and I currently have genital warts from my ex boyfriend which was the only preson I had s_xual contact with so i know it came from himbut anyways..I am 27 weeks pregnant and the closer Iget to my due date the scary it gets..I ahppey extremely happy I have a baby on the way but I have never had a pap smear so I had to switch ob doctors b/c the last one didnt give me one but I ma concerned about me having genital warts and my baby..will my baby be okay? can anyone give me a positive story with someone who had an outbreak and gave brith so a child which didnt catch genital warts from them..PLEASE someone help me...I am so scared about this..I talked to me paretns about it and they dotn seemed worried at all they tell me not to worry about it god will take care of it.and I know god will but Ijust need to hear some stories thank you all.


Been There - May 18

Genital warts is not Herpes, wherein you have outbreaks. Just talk to your doctor about the condition and get some advice. You don't have to spend your time stressing over it. Even people who have Herpes can get treatment to prevent an outbreak prior to delivery and deliver perfectly healthy babies. Your bigger concern about genital warts or HPV is possible cervical cancer. I'm not trying to scare you. Just want you to know that it is something you need to address, but you can address it and the baby will be fine.


sa__sifras - May 18

I was told if you had a bad enough case internally or externally they may do a c-section to aviod polyps developing in the newborns voice box. I tested pos for high risk HPV, but after a miscarriage and D&C my pap came back normal. At the time though we were going about everything normally, I dont have anything external but the lesions internally were going to be checked out by having a colposcopy. You need to undrestand that there are over 115 strains of this virus and 3 out 0f 4 people between the ages of 18-28 have this. They may have no idea and may never show signs, but they are carriers and it NEVER goes away. You are not alone and should not feel ashamed or worried. Ask your dr for pamphlets or other info you can read for piece of mind. Be happy, this is supposed to be such a great time.


Honey Bee - May 23

I dont want to start a debate but according to the cdc hpv is not a life ong illness and a person does not carry it forever. Your body fights off the infection, I had hpv but my body took care of it. Aubbaby06 I had hpv and I had a v____al delivery, I was scared and had worries just like you but all you can do is pray and hope for the best. My little one is 2 months and he seems fine so far, but I know I am not out of the woods yet. Do you have a very severe case?? What did your doc say??


Been There - May 23

Honey Bee, I don't think you're starting a debate at all. I honestly don't even know why doctors consider HPV a s_xually transmitted disease because it can happen to a person who is monogamous with another monogamous person. Calling it s_xually transmitted almost sounds like it's just being pa__sed around. Unfortunately, it's common and you can test for it and then it goes away.


Honey Bee - May 23

Been there, its crazy you said that because I have heard of cases of people that were monogamous and catching this virus, it is very, very common. I was so ashamed when I first found out and now I could care less, it doesnt rule my life and its not forever so why should I care. I wish people had more your view, Been there


pureraine - June 6

honestly folks, a monogomous person catching hpv...come on. weather they are a virgin or just with one partner the conclusion is that it was pa__sed through either s_xual contact, oral or through birth. I've had HPV for years, and now im 30wks pregnant. I too have an outbreak and go through Cryo, im to undergo surgery to remove the lesions this month before i am due. Depending on how serious your case is sweetie, your doc will no best especially if you have genetical warts on the outter rim of your v____al, your going to want to get those removed if they are going to bleed when giving birth, or have a c-section. But the chances of you pa__sing it to your child is very rare.



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